Saturday, January 24

my sweetheart....

Do you guys think I looks handsome standing like this?I wants to looks handsome because you know what?
Mine Mummy broughted a girlfriend home for me!

See! This is my girlfriend's pictor!
Isn't she sweet?
Mine Mummy broughted home a girlfriend for me!
I loves my girlfriend!
But let me tell you a secret.
My girlfriend isn't too demure.
She slurps her foods.
And she gobbles everything up.
I tolds her she has to eat daintily but she doesn't listen to me.
My girlfriend also has a lot of bald patches.
And when I asks her why she is balding, she hisses at me.
I think it's because my girlfriend is shy about being with me?
Oh, and my girlfriend smells too.
I think she needs her bee-hind wiped.
Mine Mummy tolds me my girlfriend is only staying with us for a while and she'll go away once she finds her forever home. I think I'm going to be sad when she leaves, but if she has a nice forever home, then it's ok. I can still go and look for her sometimes. And anyway, she's only my girlfriend, and we're not married, so perhaps we should not live together.

Anyway, the Giant Kitty is very upset about me having a girlfriend. I think he's jealous that I have one and he doesn't. So he kept scolding me today. But I shall put up with it for the sake of my girlfriend!


Daisy said...

Oven, you sure do look handsome! And your girlfriend is very cute. She might be eating so fast because she is very, very hungry.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

She sure is a cute girlfriend!!! That's wonderful you guys are going to help her get a forever home.


Aoise said...

She is a sweetie. A little on the thin side admitedly but thats why she gobbles her food. Give her lots of love and purrs while she waits for her forever home.

Parker said...

Oh how nice of you to be taking care of her!
That is great!

Diamond said...

You look very handsome Oven, I am sure she won't be able to resist you for long. Maybe you are right though that you shouldn't live together if you are not married.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beets you haves the most handsome of faces! I can see why no girl would resist your charms.. maybe she is playing hard to get...
It is prolly best to keep your distance a little bit :))


Kaz's Cats said...

Oven, that's nice of you to look out for your girlfriend. She's been a bit scared and hungry recently, so maybe you should just let her get used to being inside with a couple of nice kitties like you and Boy. We're sure that your Mom will be able to find a lovely forever home for her once she's healed up,


Gypsy & Tasha

Cliff and Olivia said...

We think you make a nice couple. Take care.

Cliff & Olivia

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oven! Your little girlfurriend is really a cutie! You are furry fortunate to have found each other.

Anonymous said...

Beethoven you look very handsome your girlfriend is very lucky to have you.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Oven,your girlfriend is very skinny and needs to gain weight :) She is pretty.I know you will be sad when she gets a forever home.
Purrs Mickey