Thursday, April 30

I wants mine Mummy!

I knows what the Giant Kitty was sighing about a while back now! Usually, the Giant Kitty will force me to wakes up at 530am and then makes me go sing together with him to wakes our Mummy up for our breakfast. But today, mine Mummy woked up all by herself without us singing at 430am! And she maded us wakes up too and forced us to have breakfast because she saided she has to leave at 5am for the airport. And I asked the Giant Kitty what the airport is and why does it wants mine Mummy to be there so early in the morning? And the Giant Kitty says that at the airport, there is some mean bad birdies maded of metal that mine Mummy is going to climbs into, and then they is going to brings mine Mummy far away and I is not going to have mine Mummy to play with or snuggles to sleep at night until Sunday because it is too far away for mine Mummy to come back until Sunday!
And when I heard that, I didn't wants my breakfast anymore because I think I is going to stay in bed and cries until Sunday!

Friday, April 17

I is wondering...

Mummy! This chin rest is not very comfortables!
The Giant Kitty has been sighing away, but he doesn't want to tell me what's bothering him.
What do you guys think he's upset about? I wants to be a good brother and make him less upsets, but I don't know why he is upset.

Wednesday, April 8

a sad day...

I is a very sad kitty today.This morning, mine Mummy tooks out my nice t-shirt and puts my leash onto me, and I was all excited because it means GOING OUT!
Then while we was walkings, mine Mummy tolds me we was going to the vet! And I was more excited because it's been a long time since I sawed Dr Grace.

When we got to the vet, I realised however, today is Dr Grace's rest day and she was not there!
And I was very very very disappointed! If I never ever thought about going to see Dr Grace, I would not have been so disappointed, but because all on the way there, I was so looking forward to seeing Dr Grace, and then I realised she wasn't there, then it made it a thousand times more disappointing, do you know what I mean?

So mine Mummy tooks me into this other doctor's room and the doctor squeezed my tummy, forced me to open my mouth and in the end, she took a long long pokey thing and poked me! So I squirmed and squirmed and squirmed and the doctor says I is not a nice well behaved kitty and even though the Giant Kitty screamed when he was there, he took the jabs like a big MANcat does and did not even flinch. Does it mean I is not a good MANcat? So I gotted more upset.

Then mine Mummy tooks me home, and when I gots home, I ran to plays with my toy mousie because I wasn't feeling very happy and my toy mousie always makes me happier. Then I played and batted but in less than 5 minutes, I accidentally pushed it under the fridge! And now I can see my toy mousie, but I cannot play with it! And I gotted more sad!

Then because I feels so sad, I feel like doing something very naughty because it was so hard being good. So I ran behind the cabinets where mine Mummy never allows me to go, and I tries to bite the wires there. And mine Mummy ran over and scolded me and forbidded me to go there ever again. Then I jumped up onto mine Mummy's Lego village and picked out the flowers one by one and carried them into the toilet because I thought they looked nicer by the sink. And mine Mummy scolded me again! And I thinks mine Mummy doesn't loves me anymore because she scolded me twice today. And nobody likes me because even the vet says I is not a good MANcat. And I is very very sad today.

Sunday, April 5

Honest scrap award...

Finally, I gets some time off from snoopervising mine Mummy and her Legos, and I realises, to my embarrassment, I've forgotteds all about the Honest Scrap Award Jan has passed to me!Here it is!And I is supposed to lists 10 honest things about myself!
That is fun!

  1. I loves the Giant Kitty.
  2. I loves mine Mummy too!
  3. I loves to play play play play play play....
  4. I finds eating a chore and will much rather play instead. The Giant Kitty says it's purrfectly ok to think so and he will helps me finish mine food, but mine Mummy is no fun here. She never allows me to plays and not eats when she's watching.
  5. I do not dare to sleeps alone and whenever I am sleepy, I will find the Giant Kitty and sleeps together with him. He's very nice and he says I is allowed to touch him with ONE paw. So I always sleeps with ONE paw touching him now.
  6. I loves toys which has jingly jingly sounds. The Giant Kitty says they drive him mad, but honestly, they're fun! The sounds makes chasing those toys much much more exciting!
  7. I is starting to talks a lot. I didn't use to talk so much when I first came and mine Mummy wonders if it's the Giant Kitty teaching me all about talking because he talks a lot. And mine Mummy is right!
  8. I loves to play with water! And I loves to bathe. SPLASH SPLASH!
  9. I loves to pretend to be a parrot and stand on mine Mummy's shoulder although she's been complaining that I is getting way too heavy for that now.
  10. I loves to be like Daisy and become a professional model when I grows up.

Thursday, April 2

Enough of Legos!

Well Mummy, I is thinking, it is time you stops playing with your Lego!
Mine Mummy has builded an entire village!!Don't you think it's now time for some chin scritches?
I shall sit in your boxes of Lego until you stops Mummy!