Thursday, February 28

I is not sick...just tired...

Thank you everyone for your concern and purrs.
Mine Mummy was just too silly.
I wasn't sick!
I was just tired.
See, after a good rest, I'm eating again.
Nothing to worry about.
The Giant Kitty licked me yesterday!
I think he misses not playing whap-the-head with me.
But I was tired yesterday and I didn't want to play with him.

Looky here! We're playing whap-the-head again today!
We're moving so fast mine Mummy could only take one pigture of us. And it's blurry!
Whap-the-head is fun!

The Giant Kitty hasn't allowed me to play with those new toys today.
I think he wants the toys for himself!

Wednesday, February 27

new shirt and toys!

Mine Mummy gotted many presents for me today!
First is my new blue tanktop!
Isn't I pretty?
And look at the new toy!
Mine Mummy bought 2 toys for me and the Giant Kitty today but she only allowed us to play with one first.
So I can only show you guys this toy. Pigtures of the other one would have to wait.
I think this is a very pretty toy. Don't you think so?
The colours look so festive!
And it is FUN!
The super kitty me is moving faster and faster as you can see...

Woahooooo!!! I love my new toy!

As you can see, even though mine Mummy says the toy is to be shared by both me and the Giant Kitty, he's very nicely said I can play with it all by myself!
I think he's making it up to me because I refused to talk to him after the pancake incident.

Tuesday, February 26

an award and pancakes...

I is gotted another award again!
Ariel gave me this award because I've got an inspiring blog!
(PSSST....and the Giant Kitty didn't get the award!)
I think I shall pass this award on to a few others.
Chase because he inspires me to grow up to be a great mancat like him;
Daisy because she inspires me to be aware of the latest fashion; and
Dragonheart and Merlin because they inspire me to be as great siblings with the Giant Kitty as they are to each other.

But honestly, sometimes it's not easy to be a good brother to the Giant Kitty all the time.
He's a nuisance!
Here I am, sniffing at the heavenly smell of the pancake mix that mine Mummy made.
And then the Giant Kitty has to come and poke his nose in.
Cakes and stuff are meant only for me because mine Mummy does not allow the Giant Kitty to have them.
They're too fattening for him she says...*giggles*
But anyway, the Giant Kitty came and poked his huge nose in and mine Mummy had to remove the pancake mix and I can't have any.
Sometimes I think the Giant Kitty is not nice at all!

Friday, February 22


Looky! The Giant Kitty signed me up to train as a mancat!
I'm going to grow up into a big man cat like the Giant Kitty!

Mine Mummy says he's grown to like me, only he's too embarrassed to show it.
But I like the Giant Kitty and I is not shy to show it! Why is he embarrassed?

the Giant Kitty played with me!

Today a huge package arrived for the Giant Kitty.
It's from his friend.
I wish I've got lots of friends too!
He didn't share his presents with me, but you know what?
The Giant Kitty played with me today!
These paper came with the Giant Kitty's pwesents and the Giant Kitty taught me how to play with them.
He wasn't a very patient teacher though.
Look at how he glared at me when I didn't play the way he taught.
So I've got to do it his way.
But well, when he goes to sleep, I shall play it MINE WAY.

Thursday, February 21

an outing!

Look! Mine Mummy boughted this for me!
A bag/pram so I can go out with mine Mummy when she goes jogging!
The Giant Kitty has got a harness and leash but it's too ENORMOUS to fit me so mine Mummy has to get me a pram.
You can't see it from here but the sides are all made of the mesh-like thing, so I gets to look out, not only from the front but from both the sides as well!
I would like to grow as big as the Giant Kitty someday so I can fit into the harness and leash too - I couldn't get to smell all those interesting smells and feel those interesting plants and trees inside the pram!
Oh well, at least I gets to goes out.
Here am me in the pram. Mine Mummy didn't get to do much jogging today because she was busy taking pigtures of me every few minutes.
But mine silly Mummy didn't realise she set the camera settings all wrong, so the pigtures all came out blurry.
In the end, only these few are a bit better.
My first time accompanying mine Mummy jogging!
I hope mine Mummy goes jogging again tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 19

what an awesome tummy!

Looky here at the Giant Kitty's awesome tummy!
I love to jump on his tummy when he's asleep.
Because then he'll wake up and play whap-the-head with me.
He always lets me win!
I love playing with the Giant Kitty!

Friday, February 15

this is fun!

Looky here! I is taller than the Giant Kitty!
I like playing with the Giant Kitty.
He taught me a new game.
I'll teach all of you here in case anyone wants to have fun like us too.

It's called the game of whap-the-head.
The kitty who gets their head whapped the most is the winner.
So the Giant Kitty tells me to lie on the floor with my tummy up, and he starts whapping me many many many many many many many many many many many many many times on the head.
I is the winner!

The Giant Kitty has been helping me finish up my food again so that I can play.
I agree with the Giant Kitty. We do not understand why our Mummy is so upset the Giant Kitty is being friendly and helpful.

Wednesday, February 13

I is a parrot!

Looky here! I is a parrot!

Ok, I've to explain about mine Mummy's black face.
You see, mine Mummy is shy and she prefers to stay a-noh-ni-mas.
So she said that if I wanted to post any photos, I've to make sure no one can see her.
I don't know how to remove her face and the Giant Kitty refuses to teach me.
So I did the only thing I know.
I coloured her face black.
You wouldn't recognise her would you?

Anyway, the view up here is quite good.
I think I'm going to stay up here on mine Mummy's shoulder forever.

I is excellent!

Look here! I gotted my first award!
Diamond Emerald-Eyes thought my bloggie was cool enough!
And you know what? The Giant Kitty didn't get the award!
He says he doesn't care but if he doesn't care, why does he pout the whole day on his bed?

Tuesday, February 12

my kitty condo and the V-E-T

I found a new place to sleep!
This thing reaches up to the sky!
It was filled with mine Mummy's stuff but since I like it so much, she cleared away 2 levels and now I've got a double storey kitty condo!
And what is better, the Giant Kitty cannot get in!
Haha...he can only get his head in but the rest of him are stuck outside!
He doesn't find it funny though and he whaps my head when I laugh at him.

Mine Mummy took out the huge box which I came here in, and broughted me out today.
The Giant Kitty didn't get to go out.
The Giant Kitty told me the place is called the V-E-T and they do awful things to you.
But I went there last week and the V-E-T was very nice to me. She was also nice to me today.
She stroked me and said that I looked handsome in the black t-shirt which has my name sewed on.
She looked into my ears because last week I had itchy scratchy ears. She said they're much better now and the yeast infection is gone because mine Mummy has been cleaning my ears and putting medicine in diligently.

I don't know what yeast is, but when I asked the Giant Kitty, he says it's bread. He says he doesn't like to eat bread but I have to be careful because mine Mummy likes to eat bread and she will soon eat my ears up.
I don't think mine Mummy will eat my ears up will she? I like my ears.

After that, the V-E-T said she's going to give me a shot and she held me tight. I like to be held tight so I didn't struggle. Then she said it's done! What has been done? I didn't get to see her do anything!
The only thing that was not nice was when the V-E-T forced me to swallow a nasty pill. But when I swallowed it bravely, she praised me and petted me even more, so I guess it was alright.
Before I left, the V-E-T said she'll see me again in a month!
I'm looking forward to it! I like the V-E-T!

Monday, February 11

It was a busy day

Today is a busy day.
I ate my breakfast, then when I'm halfway through, the Giant Kitty told me he'll help me finish it up and I can go and play.
Wasn't he helpful?
So i went and played.
Then mine Mummy discovered the Giant Kitty licking my plate clean so she put out another plate of food and sat next to me and watched me eat. So I had to eat instead of play. I decided to get the Giant Kitty to help me eat my dinner later, but this time we shall have to do it without mine Mummy seeing.
Then after breakfast, I played with my crinkly mouse.
I losted my favourite crinkly ball though.
Then I played with the Giant Kitty.
He did not seem to want to play with me though and he whacked me many many many many many many times on the head.

During dinner time, mine Mummy gave the Giant Kitty his dinner.
And then she gave me mine. And sat down next to me to watch me eat!
I couldn't get the Giant Kitty to help me finish it.

After dinner, I played chase the Giant Kitty's tail.
Funny, the Giant Kitty did not seem to like to play this game too.
He gave me many many many many many many many many many whacks on the head again.

Now I'm so tired I can't even walk over to sleep on mine Mummy's lap, so I'm just going to stay here and sleep on the couch.

Sunday, February 10

I gotted a new shirt!

Look at my new shirt!
Mine Mummy sewed my name on my black t-shirt today!
She said it's a joke between her and her friend, to call Beethoven Beet-in-oven.
I do not understand why this is funny - isn't a joke supposed to be funny?
Mine Mummy mostly call me Oven which makes the Giant Kitty giggle.
But usually when I hear her call me Oven, I know I get treats or yummy food or pets from mine Mummy. So I don't know why he giggles at it.
I look pretty in this shirt don't I?

Friday, February 8

See me on the bed!

The Giant Kitty let me stay on the bed!
He jumped up when I was trying to sleep, and he did not hiss at me!
I think the Giant Kitty is awesome.
I wish he'll play with me someday.

The Giant Kitty is Awesome!

Today a lot of beans came to my house!
There were a few beans who are smaller than the rest and they played and played and played and played with me until I was so tired.
I wanted to sleep but they wouldn't let me.
Mine Mummy told them I was tired but they wouldn't listen.
So I ran under mine Mummy's bed.
The Giant Kitty was there!
But he did not hiss at me!
He went out from under the bed and hissed at those beans!
And they ran away! They were scared of the Giant Kitty too!
And then the Giant Kitty came back to under the bed. But he did not hiss at me.
He allowed me to stay under the bed until all those beans left.

I want to grow up to be able to hiss as well as the Giant Kitty so that beans I do not like will be scared of me!

Thursday, February 7

I want to play with the Giant Kitty!

I don't know what's the big deal.
The closet was open, so I went in for a nap.
It was pretty comfortable too with all those towels.
Then I heard mine Mummy call me.
But I was so sleepy so I kept on sleeping.
What's the big deal anyway?

The Giant Kitty still hisses at me.
I wanted to play with him, I think he looks funny.
But why doesn't he like to play with me?
He says I'm a tiny little thing and he doesn't have time to bother with me!
But I'm not too tiny am I?
I'll try very hard to grow up into as big a giant as him. Do you think he'll play with me if I am as big as him?

Tuesday, February 5

Hello World!

Hello everyones!
I is Beethoven and I just gotted here to mine forever home on Sunday. Which makes it 2 days now.
This place looks furry nice, I've got many toys here although they all smell of the Giant Kitty.
Yes, there's a Giant Kitty in the house.

Before I gotted here, I stayed at mine foster mama's house and she hadded 2 kitties. But although those 2 were big kitties, each of them was only half the size of the Giant Kitty here! Woah!

I heard the Giant Kitty call the bean here "mine Mummy". So I guess this is what I have to call her too.
She's nice, though she smells of the Giant Kitty too. Everything here smells of the Giant Kitty!!!!

The Giant Kitty isn't nice though. He HISSES.
I sleep and he hisses at me.
I jump around and he hisses at me.
I can't even go to the toilet without him hissing.

On Sunday, mine Mummy putted me in the room with the flat bright rectangular box and shutted the door. So I didn't have to bother about the Giant Kitty. But yesterday mine Mummy opened the door, and left the door open! Thank goodness the Giant Kitty didn't come into the room. He doesn't allow me to walk out of the room though.

These few days in the room with the rectangular box, I've been on mine Mummy's lap and I think I sort of figured out how to use this box now. So I'm going to try this out now while mine Mummy is in the other room talking to the Giant Kitty. Voila! Mine first bwoggy post!