Wednesday, December 31

we be taking pictors!!

Although I is still having many sads because mine Mummy is not going to be home yet for many many many sleeps, I've decided to stop crying because I've got so many wonderful friends out there who comforts me.
I took Daisy's advice and whapped the Giant Kitty on the head, and he started whapping me back again and he forgots he said he was going to ignore me.
Then I tolds him I knowed it was his Gotcha Day and he can have all of my stinky goodness because it's his Gotcha Day and I loves him.
And that put him into a very very good mood.
The bean who gaves me my food didn't seem to be in such a happy mood to see me give the Giant Kitty all my stinky goodness though. It's his Gotcha Day and I is giving him a present! Why can't the bean understand that?

Well, anyway, the Giant Kitty was in a good mood so he tolds me he's noticed that mine Mummy lefted her digital camera at home! And he said that as a treat, he's going to take some pictors of me so I can puts it up on my bloggy and later he's going to show me how to take pictors with the digital camera and I can take pictors of him!
So see here!
This is the pictor that the Giant Kitty took of me!
I is handsome?
So after that, the Giant Kitty taughts me how to take a pictor with the camera and I tooks many many pictors of him.
Aren't they good?I wonder why the Giant Kitty doesn't think they're good and keeps mumbling about "my face! Where's mine handsome face"
Well! He doesn't know how to appreciate good pictors!

Tuesday, December 30

how long is many many many sleeps away?

I misses mine Mummy.
Do you guys knows when mine Mummy will be coming back?
I asked the Giant Kitty and he says it's many many many many many sleeps away and he tolds me to stops crying and he'll give me lots and lots of mighty whaps on the head.
So I stops crying for a while.
But when he finishes whapping, I start crying again.
Then he says he's going to sit on me.
But I is still sad, so I carried on crying.
Then he says he's going to ignore me.
So he hasn't been speaking to me the whole of today.
I has many sads!
No Mummy and no Giant Kitty to plays with me!
I wonder if he'll speak to me tomorrow?

Wednesday, December 24

I want mine Mummy to come back!

Where is mine Mummy?
How long is 3 weeks?
Why is it only the Giant Kitty's on mine Mummy's bed?
Why isn't mine Mummy on it as well?Muuuummmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
I want mine Mummy!!!!
Do you think if I cry louder, mine Mummy will hear me and then she'll come back?

Monday, December 22

I is not going to stop crying...

Mine Mummy's huge bag is out again!
The Giant Kitty tells me she's flying off later today!
I wants to cry!Do you think I can hide myself in her huge bag and go away with her?
See! I packed all my clothes and even my favourite toy! I think these should be enough for 3 weeks?
Here I'm checking they're all properly packed in.
Yes! There's even enough room for me!
Mummy! I'm coming along ok?
Mine Mummy tooks all my stuff out and putted her stuff in and tells me even though I is a big MANcat and 1 year old already, I cannot go to China and Hongkong with her.
Why not Mummy????
I'm going to cry the whole time you're away, Mummy, if you do not brings me along!

Saturday, December 20


I had a great purrthday! It's mine very first time I hadded a purrthday and I think it's great fun having purrthdays because everybodees treats you so nicely!
The Giant Kitty gave me lots and lots of mighty whaps on the head, mine Mummy gave me extra nice stinky goodness which is different from the Giant Kitty's (because usually we share the same can of stinky goodness), I gotted many new toys, and so many of my friends came and visited me and concatulate me on finally becoming a real MANcat!
I is growed up!
And I received mine presents from Santa Pawz!
I must have been an extra nice kitty this year because you know what? The Giant Kitty hasn't received his yet!
He's been sulking the whole day long but don't let him know I told you this.

See! Here's mine present!

It's got a wonderful smell and I is sniffing to see who it was who sended it to me!!

What wonderful toys!
And I has got a card from Santa Pawz!
I loves Santa Pawz!
Oh! And mine Mummy has just sended off my present to my secret paw!
It should be arriving in 4-6 days time.
Mine Mummy says to tell mine secret paw sorry for waiting until so late because she's been so busy she didn't have time to help me go shopping!
But now she finally did, and my present is on the way!
I hope my secret paw will like what I told mine Mummy to get.
Now I'm going off to play with my new toys! Yay!

Wednesday, December 17

Let's par-tay! I is ONE!

It's my purrthday today and it's time to par-tay!
Looky! Isn't this pictor nice?
Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry maded it specially for me!
I think the hat is very nice isn't it?
I is ONE today!
I is a growed up mancat now aren't I?Looky here! Mine Mummy helped me put together all mine pictors since I was a tiny tiny kitty.
Wow! I didn't know I was so tiny last time!
Are you sure this tiny kitten is me?
Why, I could swim in that pink shirt! Now I don't think it can even fit my head.
Do you all remember the beet-in-oven shirt?
I is so sad I cannot fit into it anymore now!
This was me, slightly older, sleeping on mine Mummy's lap.
This is me even older, practicing yoga while I sleeps.
I is old enough to use mine Mummy's laptop.
And this is me now.
Come on guys, let's par-tay!

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Monday, December 15

big man cat...

Hey guys!
You knows what?
I is going to be a real BIG MAN CAT in 2 days time!
I is turning 1 year old!
Aren't I growed up?

Can you guys all come over and party with me on Wednesday? I will be a BIG MAN CAT then!

Sunday, November 23

the giantest of us all...

Looky!!!! Mine Mummy putted me on the weighing scale and I is 50kg!
The Giant Kitty is only 8kg and I is 50kg!!!!!
I'm gianter than the Giant Kitty!
What Mummy? That is not my weight?
That is OUR weight together when mine Mummy is carrying me on the scale? how much do I weigh?

This is your weight Mummy?
45kg? Wow!!!!!
Mine Mummy is GIANTER than the Giant Kitty!
So how much do I weigh?
What is 50 take away 45?
I weighs only 5kg?

I wants to see the Giant Kitty's weight too!
Here is mine Mummy plus the Giant Kitty!
53kg! Heh...
So how many more kilograms do I needs before I can be as giant as the Giant Kitty?

Well anyway, mine Mummy is still the giantest of all by far!

Thursday, November 20

secret spy...

Here's the world's bestest secret spy who's hiding away and getting all your secret information.
No one can spot the world's greatest spy because he's so good at hiding.The secret spy peeping out from his secret hiding spot.
He's listening to all your secrets and plotting your demise.The secret spy has got mighty weapons.
See his sharp claws (which were unfortunately regularly trimmed by the spy's mummy).The secret spy hears some information!
The Giant Kitty is having some crunchy goodness!The secret spy wants some too!!!!
Wait for me!!!I think being a secret spy isn't so fun if it means mine Mummy cannot see me and give me crunchy goodness.
I shall have to think of changing to another job instead.

Monday, November 17

I do wish the par-tay could go on...

The party is over?
But I haven't had enough yet!
I want to play play play still!
See, I is asking the Giant Kitty very nicely to plays with me, but he shakes his head and says,
I'm not a kid! I'm a kitten!
I don't think my fur mama and fur daddy are goats, are they?

But I really wants to play, so I jumps on the Giant Kitty and gaved him the biteys!
And the Giant Kitty gotted mad and gaved me many many many many many many whaps on the head.I do loves whaps on the head, so I think my big brother, the Giant Kitty is the nicest kitty in the whole wide world.
Oh, and I do wish the par-tay wasn't over.

Saturday, November 15

The Giant Kitty is 15! And we're going to par-tay!

What? It's Saturday already?
It's the BIG day today!!!!I've got to go and look for the Giant Kitty!
Can you guys guess what BIG day it is today?Huh? What?Today is the day Giant Kitty turns 15!FIFTEEN!!!!!!
And I'm not even 1 yet!
Isn't the Giant Kitty
Perhaps if I send him to the antique shop, he might sell for quite a lot?I'm glad all of you are here! Because we're going to have a PAR-TAY!
I do not have marnies, so I couldn't get presents for the Giant Kitty.
So I think I have to give him some of the things I have.
Even though the Giant Kitty scolds me most of the time and doesn't allow me to do many things, but he's my very own big brother (he's very BIG indeed) so I shall pick some of the toys I love most to give him.
Well, I hope after I give him the toys, he'll still share them with me! Because these are the toys I really really loves!Oh....I really cannot bear to part with my favourite toys!

Here's some tuna if anyone wants a bite to eat, mine Mummy says you can all eat as much as you want!And here are some shrimps!I do not likes shrimps but the Giant Kitty loves them!
So you guys can try and see if you loves them or not.

Anyone broughted nip and toys and other stuff over?
Let's PAR-TAY!

What are you doing there?Let's take a pictor!
What? My face is not in the pictor?Ok, how about now?Are you all having a good time?
I sure hope so, because this is the first time I planned a par-tay all by myself!

Happy purrthday Giant Kitty!
I loves you, a whole lot!