Tuesday, September 29

I is having many sads again...

There is being no pictors today and I is having many many sads because although mine Mummy didn't takes her huge bag out, she tooks her clothes from the wardrobe and putted them into a small bag and when she does that, it only means she is going to leave me alone for many many sleeps and I is a very very sad kitty now.

Saturday, September 26


Hello everybodys!
Did you all misses me a lot?
I is very busy recently because the Giant Kitty has maded a facebook account and he says I has to make one too so that I can adds him as a friend and then he will have more friends.
So I maded one facebook account.
Here is my facebook page!

Do you all or your Mummys or Daddys have facebooks? Come adds me!

Friday, September 4

My ex-girlfriend...

Do you all remembers my ex-girlfriend?It's been like so many many sleeps since she lefted us and although I did not forgets her, sometimes I do not think about her as often.And recently, mine Mummy gotted in touch with my ex-girlfriend's family and looky!
This is how my ex-girlfriend looks like now!I think she's still an awesome beauty, don't you think so?
The Giant Kitty says I is awfully stoopid to fall head over paws in love with her beauty because he says she looks like one who will whap me on my nose.

I really don't think she will whap me on my nose, but the Giant Kitty is a genius, so do you guys think he's right?