Thursday, June 25

I misses mine Mummy...

I've been waitings at the door,I've been lookings out of the window,It's been so many sleeps already, when is mine Mummy coming back?

Monday, June 22

I loves my brother...

Lookys here!
This time it isn't me touching the Giant Kitty's butt when he sleeps.

Tuesday, June 16


Why does the Giant Kitty keep trying to sits on me these few days?

Saturday, June 13

Mummy has gone away!

If I hides here, do you think mine Mummy will not notice me and brings be along accidentally?What are all these things mine Mummy packed into her Huge Bag?
Why...are there treats for woofie and woofie toys???
Mummy!!!! Aren't the toys for me?
I loves to play with them too! What are you bringings them to China for?

Monday, June 8

my mousie...

I loves this mousie!Especially when mine Mummy is playings with me.

Where did the mousie go to Mummy?
I'm going to get it out of your blankie!
Arh! Here it is!Stay home and plays with me Mummy! And forget about going to Hong Kong and China OK?

Thursday, June 4

Look right into my eyes...

Looks deep into my eyes, Mummy, and do what I tell you to.
Do not go to Hong Kong, or China.
Stay right here so that I can snuggle with you and have my daily dose of head butts and chin scritches.