Monday, May 26

I wasn't scared!!!

There's a little thing eating from my plate!!!!
And she looks exactly like me!

Do not believe what the Giant Kitty says. I wasn't scared of her! I just didn't want to catch her cooties so I ran away!
Nobody likes unfamiliar little girls! They've got cooties! I prefer girl kitties whom I know.

See, I'm keeping a very safe distance so I do not get any cooties.

Tuesday, May 20

Mine Mummy calls me crazy, I think it means a good thing, yes?

Is crazy a good word? Because that's what mine Mummy calls me.
I think it should be a nice thing, isn't it?

Thursday, May 15

I is fishing!

Mine Mummy has decided that since I loves the toilet, she would allow me in the toilet.
But she says that if I keep flushing the toilet, that would be called wasting water.
So in order not to waste water, she putted all the water into a big bowl so that I can plays with the water!
See, here am me playing the fishing game.
Mine Mummy throws the jingly ball into the water and I fetches it out!
I love this game!

Although this video is only a few seconds long, I've been playing this fishing game for over an hour.
The Giant Kitty says no one would like to watch me fishing for one entire hour and he cutted the video for me!
Why wouldn't anyone likes to watch me fishing for an hour?
It's such a fun game!
But anyway, the Giant Kitty cutted the video and he wouldn't show me how to uncut it.
So I only have here, a few seconds of me fishing.
The Giant Kitty is so interfering!

Tuesday, May 13

I loves the toilet!

I really likes going into mine Mummy's bathroom!
Inside it has got like a squillion fun things you can do!
There is the toilet which I has learnt how to flush and it's so fun to see the water swirling about and I would likes to jumps into the swirling water but I don't know why mine Mummy scolds me when I tries that!
Then there is the sink which sometimes drips lots of water out from this thing and I can tries to kill the water, whap the water and give the water biteys!
Then I get my head totally wet and I push my head into the Giant Kitty's face. He'll give me whaps on my head for sure when I do that and I loves getting whaps!

I loves getting whaps and I loves the toilet!

Monday, May 12

I been a helpful kitteh!

I been a good kitteh!
The Giant Kitty says mine Mummy is trying to cough her lungs out and last night while we were in bed with her, I saw her try very hard!
I asked the Giant Kitty if we should help her and he told me to go ahead.
So I jumped on mine Mummy's tummy while she was trying to cough those lungs out since they didn't look like they were coming out easy.
I is been a very helpful kitteh isn't I?

Sunday, May 11

the innernets...

I sawed the Giant Kitty use the compoooter and within minutes he was off it! And I thoughts he's so good to me today to let me use it so soon.
So I gots onto the innernets and wanted to goes and visit all my friends.
And I sawed this.

I thinks the Giant Kitty must have offended Google.
Now Google does not likes our compoooter!

I is sad!

Thursday, May 8

how do you play with this thing?

Mine Mummy is much better now except that the Giant Kitty tells me she's trying very hard to cough her lungs out.
Why doesn't mine Mummy like her lungs?
Is it very difficult to cough them out? Because I see that she really tries very hard!
Anyway, while trying to cough her lungs out, she wented shopping and boughted this for us!
She said she was guilty for not bwinging me out for walkies and not letting us gets on the innernets last week!
It's quite cool don't you think?
Although I'm a bit sad that mine Mummy gotted this blue one instead of the pink one because she said that I is not supposed to be selfish and the Giant Kitty doesn't like pink and so we can both share the blue one.

The Giant Kitty told me that to play with this thing, you're supposed to go
into it!
He keeps saying the way I play with it is wrong, but I think he is bluffing!
See, isn't
this how you're supposed to play with this thing?

Friday, May 2

I is bored!

I guess you've heard by now that mine Mummy isn't feeling too great.
Now she doesn't allow me to go on the innernets, or to play wrestling with the Giant Kitty or to play whap-the-head or any other fun stuff!
I do not like it when mine Mummy falls sick!
The Giant Kitty tells me not to bother him because he's got to give mine Mummy healing licks.
No one cares about me!
I is bored!!!!
I wants to play!

Thursday, May 1

Fun-dwaiser - Knock-knock

The Giant Kitty told me that even though I is still a little baby kitty, there is stuff I can do to help.
Camie's Kitties came up with this brilliant fun-draising idea and I is going to try my paw at it!
Here's my very first knock-knock joke!

Giant Kitty: Knock knock...

Me: zzzz...who's there?

Giant Kitty: Geduhpan....

Me: Geduhpan who?

Giant Kitty: Geduhpan wet me have mine turn snuggwing on Mummy!

Me: blegh....( my tongue nice? Mine Mummy says it's rude to show my tongue, but I think the Giant Kitty deserves it!)

Giant Kitty: ........... (so annoyed he fainted...)

There! Is my knock-knock joke good?