Thursday, August 19

Mine new friend, VANS!

I has been very bad with mine blogging because we has been very very busy.
Since the last time I wents to sees Dr Grace, mine Mummy has been to China and Hong Kong again, and lefted me and the Giant Kitty with our grandpapa for the whole month!!!
I was very very upset but the Giant Kitty says it's ok, he will looks after me. And he gives me many many many many whaps on the head and lets me sleeps with my butt touching his butt the whole time mine Mummy is not around and I think the Giant Kitty loves me very much.

Then mine Mummy comes back and she was gone everyday and even when she is not working, she goes around lookings at something called VANS.
And I asked the Giant Kitty what is VANS, but he says it's not something that can be nommed and so it's not important.
But I thought if it is important enough for mine Mummy to spend so much time lookings at, then it must be important enough for me to know what it is!

And then last week, mine Mummy came home with this thing called VANS!
It's a scary huge metal monster!
And it makes a huge sound!
And it can zoom around very fast when mine Mummy is in it!
And I was furry scareded of it!

And today, mine Mummy says she wants to gives VANS a bath.
And I loves taking baths.
And I wanted to have a bath together with VANS too.
But I was also scareded of VANS.

I asked the Giant Kitty to go together with me so we can has a baths together with VANS but he lookeds at me funny and ignoreds me.
So I thought for a long time and finally I lets mine Mummy puts the leash on me and takes me out to have a baths with VANS.

And I realises, VANS is not scary after all!
Lookys! Mine Mummy mades a seat specially for me!
She says I can sits there while she bathes VANS, and she says if I can learns to be well-behaved, she will takes me out inside VANS!
Ooooh......I thinks I can be well-behaveds, don't you think so?

See, I is in the front seat!
I is tryings to smile nicely for mine Mummy's camera.
Mummy, it's not a good idea to show too much of my nostrils.I is lovings my seat in VANS that I forgots to go out and plays with the water when mine Mummy bathes VANS.
I hads a little scared afterwards though.
After mine Mummy finished bathing the outside of VANS, she wents in to the back of VANS and swept the floor.
It is very big there in the behinds of VANS and mine Mummy lets me helps her sweeps the floor. Then suddenly a car zoomed past VANS very loudly and I was scareded!
And I jumpeds onto mine Mummy because I was so scareded.
And I scratched mine Mummy accidentally while I was jumpings onto her shoulders.
After the car zoomed past, mine Mummy saids I was a very silly boy.
There was nothing to be scareded of!
So she saids maybe I was not growed-up enough yet to goes out in VANS with her.
I has to learn to be less scaredy first.

I is sads! I didn't mean to be scaredy!
But that car was so loud! It was louder than cars usually are!
I can be well-behaveds and growed-up!
I thinks I can goes out in VANS with mine Mummy, don't you thinks so?

Monday, June 7

I wents to the vet and I saws Dr Grace!

Mine Mummy tooks me out early in the morning today when I is supposed to be napping with the Giant Kitty. At first I was not too happy because I wants to be the Giant Kitty's head warmer, but then mine Mummy saids we were going to the vet and then I became a little bit happier because I might gets to see Dr Grace.

So I wores mine favorite red shirt, and waited for mine Mummy to takes out mine spiffy red stroller and off we wents!

And you knows what? I gots to see Dr Grace! I gots to see Dr Grace! There were 2 doctors there today, Dr Grace and Dr Frederick. I was hoping and hoping it will be Dr Grace when it's my turn and it really is! I thinks I was a very good kitteh the whole of last week so I gets to sees my favorite Dr Grace!

I was a very good kitteh in the consultation room and I lets Dr Grace feel me all arounds and even opens my mouth for her to check my tooths. She saids that I had very clean tooths! After that she tooks a long scary needle and pokes me but because it is Dr Grace, I trieds to be very brave and not squirm too much. At the end of it, Dr Grace says I is a very cute kitteh! I is so happy! I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty doesn't like going to the vet and poops on their table!

After that we went out and waited and guess who we met! Mine foster mama! The one who hadded me before mine Mummy adopted me when I was a tiny tiny kitteh! What a coincidence! She was taking her 4 kittehs for their rooster shots too! And mine foster mama was so excited to sees me!

Actually I almost forgotted her but after she petted me and talkeds to me for a bit, I started to remember her. I only knows 2 of the 4 kittehs mine foster mama brought to the vet because the other 2 kittehs came only after I left mine foster mama's place and came to stay in my furrever home with mine Mummy.

I think today is an awesome day!

Monday, May 3

I is a good head warmer...

I is sorry I is not being a good blogger.
You see, I is a very busy kitteh.
First, I helps mine Mummy snoopervise everythings.
Then I helps the Giant Kitty exercise by runnings around with him.
And when the Giant Kitty is sleepings, I helps by being a head warmer.

I loves the Giant Kitty!

Monday, January 18

the Giant Kitty is not happy...

I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty is in such a bad mood today!

This morning after breakfast, he and mine Mummy wented out. They wented out for a long long time and I was so bored all alone at home! Then when I thought I couldn't get anymore boreder or I will burst, mine Mummy came home with the Giant Kitty.
So of course I wented to ask the Giant Kitty where he had been to with mine Mummy and why didn't they takes me along?

And the Giant Kitty hissed and hissed and hissed at me and chased me all arounds the house and whapped me on the nose many many many many many many times. And I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty is so upset today.

Monday, January 11

plays plays plays...

Mine Mummy is home!
And I is very busy because I needs to keeps her playings with me so that she doesn't have time to goes away again.I is playing with this wonderfully fun nippy ball!Roll roll bat bat pounce...Where did the ball go to??Now I must thinks of something else for mine Mummy to plays with me.