Sunday, June 29

I is ok!

Just to let everyone knows, I is OK now!
I am still not very sure what Dr Grace tooked from me, but I think everything that I need are still on me, so it's ok.
I think I shall forgive Dr Grace and I'll do my parrot stand on her the next time I see her.
Oh, and did you see my blinky blinky diamond collar?
I is pretty?

Oh, and the Giant Kitty refuses to snuggle with me though.

Tuesday, June 24

ouch ouch ouch....

I don't know what Dr Grace took from me but I is really sore on my bee-hind!
And I feels so so so sleepy!
Here am me sleeping on mine Mummy's teddybear chair. I don't usually like this chair but tonight I wants to have mine Mummy's smell instead of the vet's smell when I sleeps so I snuggle myself behind mine Mummy when she's sitting on the chair. Of course, mine Mummy isn't in the pictor because she has to get out of the chair to take this pictor of me.

I didn't gets to eat since last night! I thoughts I was starving to death when I wented to the vet this morning, but now I is back, I don't feel like eating anything.

Early in the morning, mine Mummy takes out the stroller/haversack and asks me to gets in. I was quite excited for a while but then I saw the Giant Kitty with his look that tells me, "that's it for you now" and I started to gets really worried.
Mine Mummy and me wented out and we didn't take the LRT like the last time. Mine Mummy cycled me to the vet on her bicycle today! It was very exciting and I loves it at first, but after a while I kept thinking about the vet later and it didn't feel too exciting anymore.

Look! I is in here!
Then at the vet, I gots to see mine favourite Dr Grace! I almost wanted to do my parrot stand on her shoulder again but then I remembered she's going to take some bits of me away so I didn't want to be too friendly in case she misunderstands and thinks I loves getting parts of me taken away.
Here am me waiting for Dr Grace and I is getting very very nervous!

I is home!
But oh so sleepy!
I looked all about myself, and I think I still counted the same number of paws and tail and ears and nose and eyes and everything! What did Dr Grace take away from me and why is my bee-hind aching so much?

The only good thing about today is that mine Mummy say's it's my very special day and so she boughted some presents for me!
There are squillions of mousies attached to this hand thing and mine Mummy says it's a squillion kinds of fun!
And looky at this new collar mine Mummy gotted for me! I is a little disappointed that it's not pink but I think the whole row of diamonds more than make up for it! Blinky blinky diamonds!
The Giant Kitty is going to be so jealous!

But I think all these will have to wait. Now, I is very sleepy! And sore! Ouch!

Monday, June 23

I is worried....

I is fainting from hunger!
Mine Mummy gives the Giant Kitty his crunchy goodness but she says I is not allowed to eat!
I is starving to death!

And tomorrow I is going to get some parts of me taken away!
Which parts do you think Dr Grace is going to take away from me?
I asked the Giant Kitty but he refuses to tell me.
I hope Dr Grace doesn't take away mine paws, or mine whiskers, or mine nose or mine tail.
Actually, I think I need every part of me!
I is getting very worried about tomorrow!

Friday, June 20

today is a horrid day!

See, I was sleeping all so comfortably with the Giant Kitty on the bed when we heard our Mummy call the vet.
She made an appointment for next Tuesday for me and I gotted so excited because I loves the vet.
She even asked who the doctor will be on Tuesday and it's Dr Grace, the one whom I did my parrot stand on because I loves her!

So I was all happy and bouncing around when the Giant Kitty took me aside and told me exactly what it is about.
He says even though I loves Dr Grace, she's going to make me fall asleep on Tuesday and take away some parts of me!!!!
Why does she want to take away some parts of me?????
I loves every part of me!!!!

So I was so so very upset and I asked the Giant Kitty if I could cuddle with him.
The Giant Kitty says I may!
I loves the Giant Kitty!
But I is still sad.
I loves all parts of me! I do not want to take away any parts at all!
I may have to reconsider if I still loves Dr Grace.

Wednesday, June 11

I loves water!

This is how much I loves the water!
I could stand there all day and play with water! Only mine Mummy doesn't wet me.
And the Giant Kitty laughs at me and says I is weird.
But I is not weird, is I?
I only loves water!

Tuesday, June 10