Friday, June 20

today is a horrid day!

See, I was sleeping all so comfortably with the Giant Kitty on the bed when we heard our Mummy call the vet.
She made an appointment for next Tuesday for me and I gotted so excited because I loves the vet.
She even asked who the doctor will be on Tuesday and it's Dr Grace, the one whom I did my parrot stand on because I loves her!

So I was all happy and bouncing around when the Giant Kitty took me aside and told me exactly what it is about.
He says even though I loves Dr Grace, she's going to make me fall asleep on Tuesday and take away some parts of me!!!!
Why does she want to take away some parts of me?????
I loves every part of me!!!!

So I was so so very upset and I asked the Giant Kitty if I could cuddle with him.
The Giant Kitty says I may!
I loves the Giant Kitty!
But I is still sad.
I loves all parts of me! I do not want to take away any parts at all!
I may have to reconsider if I still loves Dr Grace.


goldenshade said...

It will be OK, Beethoven! I have a small recollection of bits but you'll forget about them, I did. They are highly over rated.

purrs Goldie

Gattina said...

Nice to meet you I read your limerick on Karen Jo's post ! So you like to play with water, lol ! I scrolled a through your blog and saw that you don't even stop at the toilet ! The Giant Kitty should be happy because you keep her young ! My Rosie does it by playing with Arthur ! he became a young kitten again at his "old" age ! (he is 6)

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Don't worry little guy, you'll never notice those bits are gone I promise!


Ruis said...

Everything will be fine, Beethoven! They also took some parts from Giant Kitty and look how a great mancat he became.


Daisy said...

Ah, I am happy that you got to cuddle with the Giant Kitty. Do not worry too much, Beethoven. You do not need those parts anyway.

Lux said...

That was so nice of the Giant Kitty to cuddle with you. Don't worry, though - we all go through that.

meemsnyc said...

Beethoven,don't worry, it should be fine. She won't hurt you.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Don't worry, Beethovan, you'll soon be back to playing in the water and forget anything is missing.

purrs and tail wags

Karen Jo said...

Don't worry about it, Beethoven. You won't miss those bits and it doesn't take long to heal. All boy kitties with good homes go through this. I'm glad you like your limerick. The Giant Kitty does have a limerick of his own. You can find it at:

The Lee County Clowder said...

Don't worry about it too much, Beet-in-Oven. We've all had a similar operation. You'll be yourself again in no time.

Ariel said...

Awww Beethoven don't worry you'll be okay I promise. It was very sweet of the giant kitty to let you cuddle.

Derby said...

Don't worry, you won't miss the bits.