Tuesday, December 22

our secret paws...

Our secret paws presents arriveds today! And they are from the Island Cats.

Both the Giant Kitty and me are so excited when the postman cames and saids that Mr Beethoven Heng and Mr Boy Heng had a parcel. It was even more exciting when mine Mummy openeds up the package for us. See, we couldn't waits to finds out what is inside!There is a lots and a lots of catnippy stuffs inside!
Catnip really doesn't affects me that much. In fact, is there a special smell? I cannot tell. But just looks at the Giant Kitty! Just a tiny whiff and lookys at his face. He's in the seventh heaven of nippy delight.
And you knows what? He drooleds all over my presents too!Even mine Mummy had a special present!
The Island Cats are really generous!Lookys! We gots so many presents!
And take note of the piece of paper where the Island Cats printeds their greeting for us on. Lookys at the corner! The Giant Kitty's drool!

Saturday, December 19

mine Mummy is back and thank you for the purrthday wishes...

Thank you everybodys for the purrthday wishes.

I didn't have a very happy purrthday because mine Mummy was losted and I was all alone for my 2nd purrthday but all your purrthday wishes made me feels much much better! And the Giant Kitty was very nice to me on mine purrthday too because he gave me extra speshul whaps on the head.

And now mine Mummy is back and she says she is going to makes up for not being around on my purrthday and so for the whole day, I sats on her lap when she is on the compooter and she didn't lets the Giant Kitty have his turn on her lap because it's my speshul place today and she gaves me extra nice noms and she gaves me lots and lots of tummy rubs and I is a very happy kitteh today! And mine Mummy tolds me that when she was losted, she wents to find her cousin in a place called Beijing. I've never been to Beijing and I asked the Giant Kitty and he says he has never been there too, so it must be a very very far away place. And there, mine Mummy tooks many many pictors of her cousin's kittehs. And if they are mine Mummy's cousin's kittehs, I guess that makes them the Giant Kitty's and my cousins too.

Looky at our cousins! I think my cousins are gorgeous handsome boys aren't they?This is Taotao and he has got one blue and one orange eye although you can't see it clearly from the pictor.And this is Guaiguai and mine Mummy thinks he's the prettiest boy in the world, after me and the Giant Kitty of course.

Thursday, December 17

I is having many sads on mine purrthday...

I is sad!
Mine Mummy hasn't been home since Monday and I think she is losted herself somewhere!
And I is extra sad today because today is my purrthday and mine Mummy is still losted! I askeds the Giant Kitty where mine Mummy is and he says she wented off to see something called a huge wall and a city that is forbiddens and she is going to be losted until many many naps later! I wants mine Mummy! I do not wants to be alones on mine purrthday! The Giant Kitty tells me to stop whining and cryings because today, I is a big boy and is 2. And he says boys who are 2 should stop crying, but I do not wants to stop crying because I is having many sads and I wants mine Mummy back!