Monday, January 18

the Giant Kitty is not happy...

I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty is in such a bad mood today!

This morning after breakfast, he and mine Mummy wented out. They wented out for a long long time and I was so bored all alone at home! Then when I thought I couldn't get anymore boreder or I will burst, mine Mummy came home with the Giant Kitty.
So of course I wented to ask the Giant Kitty where he had been to with mine Mummy and why didn't they takes me along?

And the Giant Kitty hissed and hissed and hissed at me and chased me all arounds the house and whapped me on the nose many many many many many many times. And I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty is so upset today.

Monday, January 11

plays plays plays...

Mine Mummy is home!
And I is very busy because I needs to keeps her playings with me so that she doesn't have time to goes away again.I is playing with this wonderfully fun nippy ball!Roll roll bat bat pounce...Where did the ball go to??Now I must thinks of something else for mine Mummy to plays with me.