Thursday, September 18


Now mine Mummy is back, I has many many happys and I even sleep with a smile on my face.

Yesterday, the Giant Kitty hacked into mine Mummy's iphone and gotted the pictors she took in China.
I begged him to let me post some on my bloggy but he says HE is the one who has the brains and HE is the one who hacked into the phone and HE wasn't going to share those pictors with me.
So if you guys want to see mine Mummy's pictors, you've got to go to the Giant Kitty's blog.

Well, who cares about those pictors! I'm going to snuggle with mine Mummy while he posts all those pictors up on his bloggy! Heh!

Tuesday, September 16

Mine Mummy is no longer losted!

I was taking a nap and thinking I still has a sad yesterday night when mine Mummy walked into the house!
I think all my sad immediately vanished!
Now I has a happy!

See me in the huge bag!
Now when I see the huge bag, I is going to sit inside there and make sure mine Mummy doesn't go away without me!
See the present mine Mummy gotted for me and the Giant Kitty!
Pssst...I think I is getting to be longer than the Giant Kitty!
Mine Mummy says I grow like nobody's business!
Well, it really is nobody's business how much I grow is it?
I loves my shirt!
And this is mine Mummy who has the same shirt as us!
Now I knows how to colour away mine Mummy's face on my own without the Giant Kitty helping me.
Is my colouring good?
We has a family shirt now! Yay!

The Giant Kitty asks me to tell all of you that he's hacking into mine Mummy's camera now and photos will come up on his bloggy shortly.

I has a very big happy!

Monday, September 8

Mummy where are you???

Is mine mummy going to leave me forever?

Thursday, September 4

Help me finds mine Mummy!!!

Mine mummy is still missing! Can all of you search your closets and drawers and see if mine mummy is losted in there? I is so worried!