Monday, October 12

my new bed...

Yes? What are you lookings at?Yes, I is sleepings in here.The Giant Kitty tolds me this is the new bed mine Mummy has gotten for me and so I is trying it out. He says this new bed is all my own and he is going to continue sharings the old bed with mine Mummy because he is a good big brother.x

So I is trying out this bed. It doesn't feel too comfortable though. Maybe it's because I is not used to it yet? I hopes it gets more comfortable once I gets used to it.

Sunday, October 11

Mine Mummy's hotel....

Lookys!Even though I don't really unnerstands why mine Mummy has to spends so much time building this Lego thing instead of playings with me, but see this is what she has doned!I must say it is really quite pretty isn't it?
Especially with the handsome kitteh next to it.

Friday, October 9

Inside the Lego box...

Why do you spends so much time on your Legos Mummy????I goes into the box and I do not sees what is so fun about it.I tries nibbling on the Legos too, and they do not taste yummy at all!

Stop playings with your Legos Mummy!!!!!

Thursday, October 8

bat the paw...


The Giant Kitty played with me today! See I was sleepings and the Giant Kitty played bat the paw with me!Bat bat bat....Bat bat bat...Why aren't you playings with me anymore?I be wanting to continue playings!!!