Wednesday, August 19

My new collar!

Lookys! Mine Mummy boughted this pretty pink blingbling collar today!
And the Giant Kitty tooks it!See, I was watching so stealthily to see when I can grab this pink collar from under his nose because I really loves the pink collar so!
So when he was not looking, I trieds to take it, but alas, the little shiny bell on the collar alerted the Giant Kitty!He turned and saw me try to snatch the collar off.And he refused to let me has it!
Because I know he thinks it's oh such a pretty collar that he wants it for himself too!See him glares at me when I tries to get the collar!But in the end, I wins!I gets to wear the new pretty pink blingbling collar full of diamonds!

I is a pretty boy?

Monday, August 17

pretending to be a rectangle...

The Giant Kitty says I looks like a rectangle!
Is I a good rectangle?

Monday, August 10

Mine Blogger's buttons are finally back!

Hello everybodeees!
I is back!
Sorry for not posting for so long, I do hopes my friends have not forgottens me.

You see, blogger and mine Mummy's ISP hasn't been cooperating very well.
All the posting buttons on blogger have been eatens up and I asked the Giant Kitty because I thought he was so hungry he ate them all up, but he gave me a whap on my head and said don't be silly and he's having the same problems with his blog too.

Mine Mummy was too lazy to try and set the problem right at first because she thought that blogger should rectify itself like it usually does after a day or two.
But a week, 2 weeks, a month went by and our buttons are still being eaten up.

And mine Mummy finally gotted impatient 2 days back and she rolled up her sleeves and set to find the problem out.
And then she realised that only beans who uses the same ISP and mine Mummy encountered this problem of blogger's buttons being nommed up.
And finally after many many rounds of tweaking, finally....VOILA!
I can posts now!

I is a happy kitteh today!

And the pictor above shows you all what I've been up to these few weeks.
I've been wearing my new pretty clothes and playing with all my new toys.