Sunday, August 31

Where is mine Mummy?

Help help help help help!!!!!!
Everyone please help!
Mine Mummy didn't come home last night!
I think she is losted!
Where is mine Mummy???

Please help me find mine Mummy!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29

I tolds mine Mummy the wardrobe isn't spoilt but she doesn't listen!

Looky at this huge bag!
Mine mummy took this bag out and started moving her clothes out from
her wardrobe into this bag!
I wented into her wardrobe and checked, it was still ok. I mean, I
only let out a bit of gas this morning inside the wardrobe; it may be
a little stinky, but I'm sure the wardrobe isn't spoilt.
I kept telling mine mummy that, but she didn't listen to me and kept
moving her clothes out of the wardrobe into the bag!

Oh, but this bag is pretty fun to play with. Do you see me? I is well

Wednesday, August 27

I needs a diet...

Remember me doing my beautiful swan-lake ballerina pose?

I is getting a little worried because I may not be able to be the pretty swan-lake ballerina any longer!
Looky at these pictors!
Do you guys think I ought to go on a diet?
I do not want a flabby tummy and double chins!
I want to be pretty swan-lake ballerina!
Oh no....I think I has a little bit of a sad again!

Wednesday, August 20

I has no more a sad....

I is happy!
You knows, I says I is sometimes a little bit sad when I think things, but that is only sometimes.
And now, I sees that I has so many friends who think that I is not stinky and my tail is pretty, and I is cute, I is no more sad!

And yesterday, the Giant Kitty was sweet!
I was begging and begging him to play with me but he says he wants to nap.
So I dances around him and he gotted mad.
Then he whaps me.
Not the usual whap on the head that I likes, but a humongous whap right in my face that I think my nose wented right in.
But then, immediately after that, he licked me on my head!
And he mumbled something which I couldn't hear too clearly but I think it was sorry you Thing!
I loves the Giant Kitty!
Don't you think the Giant Kitty is nice?

Friday, August 15

thinking things...

Sometimes, when mine Mummy is not at home and the Giant Kitty is asleep, I sit under the sun and I think things.
And then I wonder.

Why does the Giant Kitty keep on calling me "That Thing" even though he knows I'm called Oven?
Why does mine Mummy sometimes call the Giant Kitty "My bestest Boy" but calls me "You naughty Oven"?
Why does the Giant Kitty hiss at me so often?
Why does the Giant Kitty keep telling his friends that I stink?
Sometimes I may smell like a woofie but I try to be very good when mine Mummy bathes me so I can smell not so much like a woofie.
Why does the Giant Kitty have to wake mine Mummy up at 530am every morning?
Why does the Giant Kitty glare at me and threaten to sit on me if I don't help him wake mine Mummy up at 530am every morning?
I do think 530am is a good time to snuggle next to mine Mummy and take squillions of kitty naps but the Giant Kitty says no!
Why can't mine Mummy stay at home the whole day and play with me or bring me out for walkies more often?
Why does mine Mummy's friend say that the Giant Kitty has got a cute tail but says that my tail looks like a rat's?
Why does another of mine Mummy's friends say that the Giant Kitty looks just like a cute little kitten in pictors but I look like a monkey?
Why does the Giant Kitty say I've to give some of my crunchy goodness for him to nom or I'm a selfish kitty but the Giant Kitty scolds me when I try to nom his crunchy goodness?

Sometimes, just sometimes, when I sit under the sun and think things, I feel a little bit sad.

Monday, August 11

of my walky today...

Mine Mummy didn't have to teach until the evening today so she broughted me out for a walky on her bicycle!
Looky at me peep out from inside my spiffy red bag! Did you manage to see me?
Mine Mummy cycled all the way to this place where there were geckos in the trees and lots of grass for me to play in.See, here I was surprised by a gecko which ran IN FRONT OF me!!!! The Giant Kitty tolds me that gecko might be named George although I don't know how he knows it. I think that George was as surprised at seeing me as I was at him, because he ran straight into a tree!

It was really too hot today and we didn't stay long in those grasses with George because mine Mummy was worried I might get a line of heat, no? a stroke of heat? no? a hotstroke?
So after letting me sniff around for a while, she bundled me back into my spiffy red bag and cycled home again.

The Giant Kitty must be so jealous I gets to go for walkies but he doesn't!

Monday, August 4

my monty!

I did the monty!!!!
Here am my swan-lake monty!
I is a pretty ballerina yes?
And me and the Giant Kitty decides to do something as a family.
See, we did the double twisted monty!
Here is my half of the double twisted monty.
The Giant Kitty's half is here!