Tuesday, December 22

our secret paws...

Our secret paws presents arriveds today! And they are from the Island Cats.

Both the Giant Kitty and me are so excited when the postman cames and saids that Mr Beethoven Heng and Mr Boy Heng had a parcel. It was even more exciting when mine Mummy openeds up the package for us. See, we couldn't waits to finds out what is inside!There is a lots and a lots of catnippy stuffs inside!
Catnip really doesn't affects me that much. In fact, is there a special smell? I cannot tell. But just looks at the Giant Kitty! Just a tiny whiff and lookys at his face. He's in the seventh heaven of nippy delight.
And you knows what? He drooleds all over my presents too!Even mine Mummy had a special present!
The Island Cats are really generous!Lookys! We gots so many presents!
And take note of the piece of paper where the Island Cats printeds their greeting for us on. Lookys at the corner! The Giant Kitty's drool!

Saturday, December 19

mine Mummy is back and thank you for the purrthday wishes...

Thank you everybodys for the purrthday wishes.

I didn't have a very happy purrthday because mine Mummy was losted and I was all alone for my 2nd purrthday but all your purrthday wishes made me feels much much better! And the Giant Kitty was very nice to me on mine purrthday too because he gave me extra speshul whaps on the head.

And now mine Mummy is back and she says she is going to makes up for not being around on my purrthday and so for the whole day, I sats on her lap when she is on the compooter and she didn't lets the Giant Kitty have his turn on her lap because it's my speshul place today and she gaves me extra nice noms and she gaves me lots and lots of tummy rubs and I is a very happy kitteh today! And mine Mummy tolds me that when she was losted, she wents to find her cousin in a place called Beijing. I've never been to Beijing and I asked the Giant Kitty and he says he has never been there too, so it must be a very very far away place. And there, mine Mummy tooks many many pictors of her cousin's kittehs. And if they are mine Mummy's cousin's kittehs, I guess that makes them the Giant Kitty's and my cousins too.

Looky at our cousins! I think my cousins are gorgeous handsome boys aren't they?This is Taotao and he has got one blue and one orange eye although you can't see it clearly from the pictor.And this is Guaiguai and mine Mummy thinks he's the prettiest boy in the world, after me and the Giant Kitty of course.

Thursday, December 17

I is having many sads on mine purrthday...

I is sad!
Mine Mummy hasn't been home since Monday and I think she is losted herself somewhere!
And I is extra sad today because today is my purrthday and mine Mummy is still losted! I askeds the Giant Kitty where mine Mummy is and he says she wented off to see something called a huge wall and a city that is forbiddens and she is going to be losted until many many naps later! I wants mine Mummy! I do not wants to be alones on mine purrthday! The Giant Kitty tells me to stop whining and cryings because today, I is a big boy and is 2. And he says boys who are 2 should stop crying, but I do not wants to stop crying because I is having many sads and I wants mine Mummy back!

Sunday, November 15

it's the Giant Kitty's SIXTEENTH purrthday!

Today is the Giant Kitty's 16th purrthday and mine Mummy and me are throwing a huge purrthday bash for him.

And I think the Giant Kitty is very very pleased with me because he gave me a squillion whaps on the head non stop when I tolds him "happy purrthday you is ancient!"

Tuesday, November 3

big brothers...

Today I is going to talks about big brothers.Having a big brother is nice because when you sleeps, you can rests your tail on your big brother's tail.
Although sometimes when the Giant Kitty is not in a good mood, he will whaps my nose when I do that, but most of the time, he lets me rests my tail on his, or my paw to touch his butt.
I loves the Giant Kitty.

The end.

Monday, November 2

I has been busy...

Sorry everybodys, I has been very very busy these few weeks and hasn't gots times to blogs at all. You see, I is being very very busy taking care of something very important!See this birdy! This is the mama birdy. 

The mama and papa birdies have come and builds their home inside this little opening at our wall, and they laid little eggs and the little eggs have hatched out to become tiny little birdies who cries non-stop!So I is being a very good neighbour these few weeks taking care of the tiny birdies and making sure they is safe while mama birdy goes out to finds noms for them!

I askeds the Giant Kitty very nicely if he thinks we ought to be good neighbors and invites the birdies family into our home. Then I can get to plays with little birdy friends! But I do not knows why the Giant Kitty looks at me like I is gone nuts.

He is not being a good neighbor at all!

Monday, October 12

my new bed...

Yes? What are you lookings at?Yes, I is sleepings in here.The Giant Kitty tolds me this is the new bed mine Mummy has gotten for me and so I is trying it out. He says this new bed is all my own and he is going to continue sharings the old bed with mine Mummy because he is a good big brother.x

So I is trying out this bed. It doesn't feel too comfortable though. Maybe it's because I is not used to it yet? I hopes it gets more comfortable once I gets used to it.

Sunday, October 11

Mine Mummy's hotel....

Lookys!Even though I don't really unnerstands why mine Mummy has to spends so much time building this Lego thing instead of playings with me, but see this is what she has doned!I must say it is really quite pretty isn't it?
Especially with the handsome kitteh next to it.

Friday, October 9

Inside the Lego box...

Why do you spends so much time on your Legos Mummy????I goes into the box and I do not sees what is so fun about it.I tries nibbling on the Legos too, and they do not taste yummy at all!

Stop playings with your Legos Mummy!!!!!

Thursday, October 8

bat the paw...


The Giant Kitty played with me today! See I was sleepings and the Giant Kitty played bat the paw with me!Bat bat bat....Bat bat bat...Why aren't you playings with me anymore?I be wanting to continue playings!!!

Tuesday, September 29

I is having many sads again...

There is being no pictors today and I is having many many sads because although mine Mummy didn't takes her huge bag out, she tooks her clothes from the wardrobe and putted them into a small bag and when she does that, it only means she is going to leave me alone for many many sleeps and I is a very very sad kitty now.

Saturday, September 26


Hello everybodys!
Did you all misses me a lot?
I is very busy recently because the Giant Kitty has maded a facebook account and he says I has to make one too so that I can adds him as a friend and then he will have more friends.
So I maded one facebook account.
Here is my facebook page!

Do you all or your Mummys or Daddys have facebooks? Come adds me!

Friday, September 4

My ex-girlfriend...

Do you all remembers my ex-girlfriend?It's been like so many many sleeps since she lefted us and although I did not forgets her, sometimes I do not think about her as often.And recently, mine Mummy gotted in touch with my ex-girlfriend's family and looky!
This is how my ex-girlfriend looks like now!I think she's still an awesome beauty, don't you think so?
The Giant Kitty says I is awfully stoopid to fall head over paws in love with her beauty because he says she looks like one who will whap me on my nose.

I really don't think she will whap me on my nose, but the Giant Kitty is a genius, so do you guys think he's right?

Wednesday, August 19

My new collar!

Lookys! Mine Mummy boughted this pretty pink blingbling collar today!
And the Giant Kitty tooks it!See, I was watching so stealthily to see when I can grab this pink collar from under his nose because I really loves the pink collar so!
So when he was not looking, I trieds to take it, but alas, the little shiny bell on the collar alerted the Giant Kitty!He turned and saw me try to snatch the collar off.And he refused to let me has it!
Because I know he thinks it's oh such a pretty collar that he wants it for himself too!See him glares at me when I tries to get the collar!But in the end, I wins!I gets to wear the new pretty pink blingbling collar full of diamonds!

I is a pretty boy?

Monday, August 17

pretending to be a rectangle...

The Giant Kitty says I looks like a rectangle!
Is I a good rectangle?

Monday, August 10

Mine Blogger's buttons are finally back!

Hello everybodeees!
I is back!
Sorry for not posting for so long, I do hopes my friends have not forgottens me.

You see, blogger and mine Mummy's ISP hasn't been cooperating very well.
All the posting buttons on blogger have been eatens up and I asked the Giant Kitty because I thought he was so hungry he ate them all up, but he gave me a whap on my head and said don't be silly and he's having the same problems with his blog too.

Mine Mummy was too lazy to try and set the problem right at first because she thought that blogger should rectify itself like it usually does after a day or two.
But a week, 2 weeks, a month went by and our buttons are still being eaten up.

And mine Mummy finally gotted impatient 2 days back and she rolled up her sleeves and set to find the problem out.
And then she realised that only beans who uses the same ISP and mine Mummy encountered this problem of blogger's buttons being nommed up.
And finally after many many rounds of tweaking, finally....VOILA!
I can posts now!

I is a happy kitteh today!

And the pictor above shows you all what I've been up to these few weeks.
I've been wearing my new pretty clothes and playing with all my new toys.

Sunday, July 5

Looky at my pretty shirt!

Yay! Looky at the toys mine Mummy boughted back!
And my new red shirt! I is pretty?
And the Giant Kitty has mine Mummy's pictors up on his blog already!

Thursday, July 2

I has many happys....

Mine Mummy is home and she's gotted me lots and lots of toys and pretty clothes and I is very very very happy and I is standing on her shoulder the whole day so that she cannot get out of my sight and I do not know why but I has pictors of all the toys mine Mummy gotted me and my pretty red shirt but blogger does not allows me to put my pictors up today and I asks the Giant Kitty because he is a genius and he doesn't knows what is wrong with blogger too.

Thursday, June 25

I misses mine Mummy...

I've been waitings at the door,I've been lookings out of the window,It's been so many sleeps already, when is mine Mummy coming back?

Monday, June 22

I loves my brother...

Lookys here!
This time it isn't me touching the Giant Kitty's butt when he sleeps.

Tuesday, June 16


Why does the Giant Kitty keep trying to sits on me these few days?

Saturday, June 13

Mummy has gone away!

If I hides here, do you think mine Mummy will not notice me and brings be along accidentally?What are all these things mine Mummy packed into her Huge Bag?
Why...are there treats for woofie and woofie toys???
Mummy!!!! Aren't the toys for me?
I loves to play with them too! What are you bringings them to China for?

Monday, June 8

my mousie...

I loves this mousie!Especially when mine Mummy is playings with me.

Where did the mousie go to Mummy?
I'm going to get it out of your blankie!
Arh! Here it is!Stay home and plays with me Mummy! And forget about going to Hong Kong and China OK?

Thursday, June 4

Look right into my eyes...

Looks deep into my eyes, Mummy, and do what I tell you to.
Do not go to Hong Kong, or China.
Stay right here so that I can snuggle with you and have my daily dose of head butts and chin scritches.

Monday, May 4

Yay...mine Mummy is home!

Mine Mummy is home and the Giant Kitty has already putted the pictors of mine Mummy's trip up! And now I is going to snuggle with mine Mummy! Yay!!!

Thursday, April 30

I wants mine Mummy!

I knows what the Giant Kitty was sighing about a while back now! Usually, the Giant Kitty will force me to wakes up at 530am and then makes me go sing together with him to wakes our Mummy up for our breakfast. But today, mine Mummy woked up all by herself without us singing at 430am! And she maded us wakes up too and forced us to have breakfast because she saided she has to leave at 5am for the airport. And I asked the Giant Kitty what the airport is and why does it wants mine Mummy to be there so early in the morning? And the Giant Kitty says that at the airport, there is some mean bad birdies maded of metal that mine Mummy is going to climbs into, and then they is going to brings mine Mummy far away and I is not going to have mine Mummy to play with or snuggles to sleep at night until Sunday because it is too far away for mine Mummy to come back until Sunday!
And when I heard that, I didn't wants my breakfast anymore because I think I is going to stay in bed and cries until Sunday!

Friday, April 17

I is wondering...

Mummy! This chin rest is not very comfortables!
The Giant Kitty has been sighing away, but he doesn't want to tell me what's bothering him.
What do you guys think he's upset about? I wants to be a good brother and make him less upsets, but I don't know why he is upset.

Wednesday, April 8

a sad day...

I is a very sad kitty today.This morning, mine Mummy tooks out my nice t-shirt and puts my leash onto me, and I was all excited because it means GOING OUT!
Then while we was walkings, mine Mummy tolds me we was going to the vet! And I was more excited because it's been a long time since I sawed Dr Grace.

When we got to the vet, I realised however, today is Dr Grace's rest day and she was not there!
And I was very very very disappointed! If I never ever thought about going to see Dr Grace, I would not have been so disappointed, but because all on the way there, I was so looking forward to seeing Dr Grace, and then I realised she wasn't there, then it made it a thousand times more disappointing, do you know what I mean?

So mine Mummy tooks me into this other doctor's room and the doctor squeezed my tummy, forced me to open my mouth and in the end, she took a long long pokey thing and poked me! So I squirmed and squirmed and squirmed and the doctor says I is not a nice well behaved kitty and even though the Giant Kitty screamed when he was there, he took the jabs like a big MANcat does and did not even flinch. Does it mean I is not a good MANcat? So I gotted more upset.

Then mine Mummy tooks me home, and when I gots home, I ran to plays with my toy mousie because I wasn't feeling very happy and my toy mousie always makes me happier. Then I played and batted but in less than 5 minutes, I accidentally pushed it under the fridge! And now I can see my toy mousie, but I cannot play with it! And I gotted more sad!

Then because I feels so sad, I feel like doing something very naughty because it was so hard being good. So I ran behind the cabinets where mine Mummy never allows me to go, and I tries to bite the wires there. And mine Mummy ran over and scolded me and forbidded me to go there ever again. Then I jumped up onto mine Mummy's Lego village and picked out the flowers one by one and carried them into the toilet because I thought they looked nicer by the sink. And mine Mummy scolded me again! And I thinks mine Mummy doesn't loves me anymore because she scolded me twice today. And nobody likes me because even the vet says I is not a good MANcat. And I is very very sad today.

Sunday, April 5

Honest scrap award...

Finally, I gets some time off from snoopervising mine Mummy and her Legos, and I realises, to my embarrassment, I've forgotteds all about the Honest Scrap Award Jan has passed to me!Here it is!And I is supposed to lists 10 honest things about myself!
That is fun!

  1. I loves the Giant Kitty.
  2. I loves mine Mummy too!
  3. I loves to play play play play play play....
  4. I finds eating a chore and will much rather play instead. The Giant Kitty says it's purrfectly ok to think so and he will helps me finish mine food, but mine Mummy is no fun here. She never allows me to plays and not eats when she's watching.
  5. I do not dare to sleeps alone and whenever I am sleepy, I will find the Giant Kitty and sleeps together with him. He's very nice and he says I is allowed to touch him with ONE paw. So I always sleeps with ONE paw touching him now.
  6. I loves toys which has jingly jingly sounds. The Giant Kitty says they drive him mad, but honestly, they're fun! The sounds makes chasing those toys much much more exciting!
  7. I is starting to talks a lot. I didn't use to talk so much when I first came and mine Mummy wonders if it's the Giant Kitty teaching me all about talking because he talks a lot. And mine Mummy is right!
  8. I loves to play with water! And I loves to bathe. SPLASH SPLASH!
  9. I loves to pretend to be a parrot and stand on mine Mummy's shoulder although she's been complaining that I is getting way too heavy for that now.
  10. I loves to be like Daisy and become a professional model when I grows up.