Wednesday, March 25

wordy wednesday challenge...

Here am my pictor and my word for the wordy wednesday challenge.
I apologise for not posting much this past week and not visiting my wonderful friends.
You see, mine Mummy has been very busy playing with something called Lego (don't worry, it's not my friend Lego, Adan's brother).
And being the responsible kitty I is, of course I've got to snoopervise her.
So I haven't been blogging or visiting a lot. But don't worry, I'll be back soon!

Thursday, March 19

The Giant Kitty is fuming mad....

The Giant Kitty founds out about what I said abouts him yesterday and he is fuming mad.
He's been chasing me around trying to whap me on the nose. Not nice whaps on the head but painful ones on the nose.
I didn't mean to be rude or disrespectful, but I is just saying what I really thought. But the Giant Kitty tolds me I needs my eyes checked because I cannot tell the difference between muscles and fats.
Maybe I'll check my eyes later.
But now, I better hide.

Wednesday, March 18


I is a little sad because recently, mine Mummy has been using the word CHUBBY when talking about me.
From this pictor, do you think my double chin is very pronounced?
I do so wants to be a professional model and beautiful ballerina dancer and I'm afraid if I get to be like the Giant Kitty, I can never get to be the graceful swanlake ballerina anymore!

I mean, I loves the Giant Kitty and everything, and I think he's really awesome, but....

I do not want to become as FAT as the Giant Kitty!!!

Do you think it's alright to think thoughts like this about the Giant Kitty? I really still loves the Giant Kitty a lot, but I do not want his figure.

I hope thinking thoughts like this doesn't mean I is a bad kitteh.

Wednesday, March 11

I loves the Giant Kitty...

Sometimes when I've got nothing to do, I likes to thinks about things.

And today, I thinks about the Giant Kitty.

And I is glad I has got a brother and mine brother is the Giant Kitty.

Because we can shares shrimps from the same bowl.

We can shares the same bed.
And when the Giant Kitty asks me to,I can licks the spots he cannot reach for him.
When rude neighbor kitties come and tries to bullies me, the Giant Kitty will always stands up for me and makes rude faces back at them so they runs away.

And when I asks him to,the Giant Kitty can gives the bestest whaps in the world.
Even when he is tired and sleepy, he'll always concede to my request for whaps on the head.

So I is thinking lots today, and I thinks, I loves the Giant Kitty loads!

Wednesday, March 4

magic fishes....

Looky at what mine Mummy gotted!She maded so many fishes for us!
Looky! A fish for the Giant Kitty.
And a fish for me too, although it's a bit hard to see this fish since my plate is white.And looky at this!
At first I was quite worried because instead of water in our water bowl, we have an entire bowl of fishes instead!
So I batted and batted the fishes because I think they dranked up all our water in the water bowl!And I is glad I is wearing my Mr Happy shirt because these fishes were cold! I is glad to have Mr Happy to keep me warm.I batted and batted and the plates moved all around.But the fishes never returned the water to my bowl.So I crieds. Because I was worried I won't have any water to drink.
And then the Giant Kitty tolds me to stops crying because he's going to work some awesome magic.
And he tolds me to go and takes a nap and that when I wakes up, he would have magicked it so that all the fishes disappear and the water is back in our water bowl.
I almost couldn't believe him because how can he make the fishes disappear? I've been batting them around and they are still there! But he tolds me Looky here and he's a genius isn't he? And I have to admit that he is indeed a genius, and so I wented to take a nap like the Giant Kitty says.

And then when I wakes up,
the fishes really have disappeared and the water come back to our water dish!
The Giant Kitty is awesome isn't he?