Monday, March 31


Help help help help help!
The Giant Kitty is trying to kill me!

Here's the proof!

Wednesday, March 26

I is the handyCAT.

The Giant Kitty said that when Mummy is busy, we've got to try our best to help her.

So I is trying to make myself useful while mine Mummy fixes the compoooter.
See, here I is, helping her find out what the problem is.
Don't you think I is very helpful?

After fixing that compoooter, mine Mummy decides it's not enough. She has to fix these wire mesh things onto the window at the kitchen.
All our other windows are kitty-proofed when I came, except for this kitchen window. It's been shut all the while, but now mine Mummy decided that she wants fresh air as her friend in the kitchen and so she gotted these wire meshes which were left over from kitty-proving the other windows.

Here I is, checking that she's got her measurements correct.
Making sure there are no vishus deer or any other things hiding inside.I was so helpful snoopervising mine Mummy that she has to get the leash out. You see, I didn't think she was doing a good enough job and I had to climb onto the window to show her how to do it!So here I is, with the harness and leash.

Oh, do you guys know why mine Mummy had to kitty-proof the windows with these wire mesh only when I came and not for the Giant Kitty?
You see, he's too FAT to get through the original window grills!

Oh, and we've been award the A+ Cat Blog awardie by the guys at Zoolatry!
I is honored!
I loves you! Everyones out there!
I really do!

Tuesday, March 25

My first walk!!

See, I am learning how to use the harness now!
I finally can fit into a...bunny harness.
I went out for my first walk yesterday! See, here am me outside my house. I've never been out on a walk before so I took a long time smelling everything out.
Mine Mummy didn't bring me for a long walk, just around our block. But she promises me many more longer walks in the future.I love walks!

Monday, March 24

I knows why I couldn't find the Easter Eggs!

Today, mine Mummy broughted me out again!
See, me is in mine stroller/bag.
I love outings!
Do you know where I went to today?
I went to find the new Easter Bunny-let which hatched from the Easter Egg of the other Easter Bunny I met the other day!

See, here I've just reached the Easter Bunny-let's house.
The Easter Bunny's beans are giving me treats because I is so cute.
But I wanted to see the Easter Bunny-let, so I ignored those treats.

Oh, see that mousie at the bottom left?
I broughted my toys there, but once again, no one wants to play with me!
Here I is peeping at the Easter Bunny-let, trying to gets him to come out and play with me.
I asked very nicely.
But he didn't come out.
Oh! Finally he's showed himself!
Here's the Easter Bunny-let!
What Mummy? He's NOT the Easter Bunny-let that hatched out from the Easter Eggs that I couldn't find that day?
He's what?
His name is Wabbit?
He is the Giant Kitty's NOMSS friend!?

Oh, alright then.
But I is sad why the Giant Kitty's friend doesn't want to play with me.

Saturday, March 22

in search of the Easter Bunny....

Today mine Mummy broughted me out!
It was only me and mine Mummy. I would like to have the Giant Kitty go out with me too, but the Giant Kitty says he doesn't like the "OUTSIDE".

Mine Mummy broughted me to her friend's house.
This friend has a kitty and a wabbit, and the kitty is a friend of the Giant Kitty!
Ha, I bet if the Giant Kitty knew we were going to visit his kitty friend, he wouldn't be so hasty in saying he doesn't like the "OUTSIDE"!

Here am me.
I just reached mine Mummy's friend's house.
See, I is wearing the Beet-in-Oven t-shirt.
Is I pretty?

Why is it the Giant Kitty's friend doesn't look pleased to see me?
I is cute! No?
The Giant Kitty's friend is called Mimi.
I guess he must be feeling a bit shy in seeing me, and not because he is displeased at seeing me.
Do you think so?

Do you know what I is looking at here?

It's the Easter weekend and mine Mummy broughted me here to find the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny's on his toilet.
It's quite amazing, the Easter Bunny poops A LOT!
And the Easter Bunny is larger than me!

The Easter Bunny has finished pooping and I'm trying to get in to see if I can find some Easter Eggs.
Why aren't there Easter Eggs?
Mummy! I want some Easter Eggs!

Oh, did you see the orange fish toy at my feet?
I broughted my toys too, in case the Easter Bunny or Mimi wanted to play with them.
But none of them wanted to play with me!

The Giant Kitty is nicer. He plays whap-the-head with me.
Mimi doesn't want to play anything with me!

Well, anyway, I is home now and I is tired!
I think whap-the-head with the Giant Kitty would have to wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 18

The Giant Kitty is Mad at Me!

Oh no! The Giant Kitty is mad at me.

It wasn't my fault. We have this cabinet at our house and behind this cabinet is all sorts of exciting things like wires and stuff mine Mummy never allow me to play with. I love going behind the cabinet and so mine Mummy putted big cardboards at the sides and I cannot go in anymore. So I was upset and I cried. And the Giant Kitty told me to stop crying, he'll give me whaps on the head.
But I think even whaps on the head cannot compare with going behind the cabinet. So I kept crying.
Then the Giant Kitty said if I didn't want whaps, he'll give me the biteys instead.
But I think going behind the cabinet is still better. So I kept crying.

So in the end, the Giant Kitty said if I really wanted to get behind the cabinet so much, he'll show me how to jump over the cardboard.
He did it a few times and I managed to jump in after him, but I kept bumping my face into the cardboard.
So he showed me how to do it again.
Then when he's just jumped in, mine Mummy walked out from the bathroom! And caught the Giant Kitty BEHIND the cabinet!
So she punished the Giant Kitty and now I think the Giant Kitty is going to be mad at me forever and ever and ever!

I do not want the Giant Kitty to be mad at me!
What should I do?

Thursday, March 13

I love the V-E-T!

I gots to go to the V-E-T today!
I was so excited when mine Mummy took out mine stroller/bag because that meant OUTING!
See, I even wore my beautiful shirt with my name on it.
Mine Mummy wasn't very good with the camera though and this is the lousy pigture she took of me in the stroller/bag.

My V-E-T is a 5-minute-jog or a 30-minute-walk away from my house.
It's been raining quite heavily these past few days so everywhere was wet and even flooded in some places.
So mine Mummy couldn't push me along in the stroller because then I'll get wet.
So she had to carry the stroller like a haversack (it's made to work both ways).
Mine Mummy says I've gotted so MUCH heavier and it's no fun carrying me around and walking for 30 minutes.
Which means...if I gets to grow even bigger and heavier, I gets to go on the harness! No more having to stay inside the stroller!
I'm going to start eating A LOT now so I can gets to go on the harness very very soon!

We passed the fields on the way.
Those tiny white things on the right side in the grass are BIRDIES!
But I was trapped in my stroller and I can't even say "Hi" to them.
Lots of trees.
More trees.
And there were a lot of very exciting butter-flying things.
They come in yellow, white and blue!
It's a pity the Giant Kitty didn't get to come out with me, because if he did, then he can tell me which ones are more yummy.
A long long road.
An abandoned (or not?) truck.
And more trees.
We're finally reaching the V-E-T place.
Everyone at the V-E-T were ooohing and aaahing at me and my beautiful "Beet-in-oven" shirt.
There were a few woofies there and I went over and said "Hi" to everyone of them.
Oh, except one little woofie who looked so miserable I think he didn't want to be disturbed.
I hope he gets better soon after seeing the V-E-T.

Oh, and I loves the V-E-T.
Or rather, V-E-Ts.
Dr Grace was the one who saw me the very first time I went and said that my ears had bread.
The other one is Dr Audrey who saw me the last time for my shot and who sees me today.
But you know what?
I'm so cute that when Dr Grace saw that I went into Dr Audrey's room, she came into the room too, just to say "Hi" to me!
She said I'd grown A LOT!

I am now 1.7kg!
Which is twice what I was the last visit, a month ago.
But it's still a long way before I can be 8kg like the Giant Kitty.

Both Dr Grace and Dr Audrey gave me lots of scritches and I even climbed up onto Dr Grace's shoulder and did my parrot-stand up there like I usually do to mine Mummy!

I love going to the V-E-T
I'm going again in a month's time for my final rooster shot and then I will only have to be shot only once a year after that.
I'm looking forward to my next visit!

Wednesday, March 12

another bug

We caughted a bug today!
There was a huge bug which is not the Red Dot Bug that came into our house.
The Giant Kitty helped me catch it. Then he told me that it is nice to eat. He said I could have it all to myself because it's very yummy. So I nommed it all up.

I don't know why mine Mummy was so upset when she saw me nom the bug up, or why the Giant Kitty was snickering.
Oh, and the bug made me gag. It left a very funny nasty aftertaste in my mouth. But the Giant Kitty said it is yummy, so I guess that is what yummy tastes like.

Tuesday, March 11

The Red Dot Bug

There was a very weird bug yesterday.
The Giant Kitty told me it's called the Red Dot Bug.
Looky here!
The Red Dot Bug is very difficult to kill.
See, even with the Giant Kitty's help, we couldn't kill it.
It can jump very high up onto the wall where we cannot reach and it can disappear from one spot and suddenly reappear in another.

See, even when the Giant Kitty whaps it with his paw, it still doesn't die.

We chased after the Red Dot Bug until we were so tired and then all of a sudden, it disappeared, and didn't reappear! I hope it doesn't come out in the middle of the night and eat us up.

Sunday, March 9

I learnt more new games!

The Giant Kitty taught me 2 new games yesterday.
See, here's him explaining all the rules to me.
The first game is called licking mine Mummy's nostril. The Giant Kitty said that in this game, you've got to see if you can lick right into mine Mummy's nostril and you win the game when mine Mummy wakes up. So I tried this game last night. I won almost straightaway! I think I'm really pretty good at this game! Mine Mummy's nostril taste a little funny though.

The other game is called standing on mine Mummy, with our paws on her throat. The Giant Kitty wins this game much faster than me. He said the trick is to master the technique of putting ALL your weight on the paws that are on mine Mummy's throat, and the best position is to put the paws right in the middle of the throat. I might need a little more practice in this game. I think I'm going to continue practicing this tonight.
One thing I do not understand though, is why mine Mummy keeps threatening to shut us out of her room tonight. We were playing nicely - we didn't bite each other, or make any noise - mine Mummy warned me before not to play too noisily at night so I've been listening to her.
So why is mine Mummy upset?

Tuesday, March 4

I learnt a new game today!

Today the Giant Kitty taught me another new game!
It's called gets-the-biteys game.
The one who gets bitten the most wins!
Look, the Giant Kitty is very nice and keeps giving me the biteys so I kept winning!

Mine Mummy's new mobile phone has this camera function that enables her to take many pigtures one after another.
So you can see the whole of this exciting gets-the-biteys game!
Two lightning fast kitties!
I kept winning!
I is the winner! YAY!
Why do you stop? Give me more biteys!
See, when I stand up, I'm almost as tall as the Giant Kitty!
I love playing with the Giant Kitty!
Maybe you guys can try this game out too.
It's really fun! But you must have a Giant Kitty who will allow you to keep winning.