Sunday, November 15

it's the Giant Kitty's SIXTEENTH purrthday!

Today is the Giant Kitty's 16th purrthday and mine Mummy and me are throwing a huge purrthday bash for him.

And I think the Giant Kitty is very very pleased with me because he gave me a squillion whaps on the head non stop when I tolds him "happy purrthday you is ancient!"

Tuesday, November 3

big brothers...

Today I is going to talks about big brothers.Having a big brother is nice because when you sleeps, you can rests your tail on your big brother's tail.
Although sometimes when the Giant Kitty is not in a good mood, he will whaps my nose when I do that, but most of the time, he lets me rests my tail on his, or my paw to touch his butt.
I loves the Giant Kitty.

The end.

Monday, November 2

I has been busy...

Sorry everybodys, I has been very very busy these few weeks and hasn't gots times to blogs at all. You see, I is being very very busy taking care of something very important!See this birdy! This is the mama birdy. 

The mama and papa birdies have come and builds their home inside this little opening at our wall, and they laid little eggs and the little eggs have hatched out to become tiny little birdies who cries non-stop!So I is being a very good neighbour these few weeks taking care of the tiny birdies and making sure they is safe while mama birdy goes out to finds noms for them!

I askeds the Giant Kitty very nicely if he thinks we ought to be good neighbors and invites the birdies family into our home. Then I can get to plays with little birdy friends! But I do not knows why the Giant Kitty looks at me like I is gone nuts.

He is not being a good neighbor at all!