Monday, June 7

I wents to the vet and I saws Dr Grace!

Mine Mummy tooks me out early in the morning today when I is supposed to be napping with the Giant Kitty. At first I was not too happy because I wants to be the Giant Kitty's head warmer, but then mine Mummy saids we were going to the vet and then I became a little bit happier because I might gets to see Dr Grace.

So I wores mine favorite red shirt, and waited for mine Mummy to takes out mine spiffy red stroller and off we wents!

And you knows what? I gots to see Dr Grace! I gots to see Dr Grace! There were 2 doctors there today, Dr Grace and Dr Frederick. I was hoping and hoping it will be Dr Grace when it's my turn and it really is! I thinks I was a very good kitteh the whole of last week so I gets to sees my favorite Dr Grace!

I was a very good kitteh in the consultation room and I lets Dr Grace feel me all arounds and even opens my mouth for her to check my tooths. She saids that I had very clean tooths! After that she tooks a long scary needle and pokes me but because it is Dr Grace, I trieds to be very brave and not squirm too much. At the end of it, Dr Grace says I is a very cute kitteh! I is so happy! I do not unnerstands why the Giant Kitty doesn't like going to the vet and poops on their table!

After that we went out and waited and guess who we met! Mine foster mama! The one who hadded me before mine Mummy adopted me when I was a tiny tiny kitteh! What a coincidence! She was taking her 4 kittehs for their rooster shots too! And mine foster mama was so excited to sees me!

Actually I almost forgotted her but after she petted me and talkeds to me for a bit, I started to remember her. I only knows 2 of the 4 kittehs mine foster mama brought to the vet because the other 2 kittehs came only after I left mine foster mama's place and came to stay in my furrever home with mine Mummy.

I think today is an awesome day!