Thursday, October 30

many many sads...

Mine Mummy bluffed me! She didn't take the huge bag out and I thought she was just going out as usual yesterday.
See, all she brought was this bag.
She bluffed me!!!
She didn't come home last night!
So I kept crying the whole night.
I mean, if mine Mummy had taken the huge bag, I would have knowed she was going away because the Giant Kitty has already tolded me she is going away.
Then I wouldn't have cried. Well, not so much at least.
But mine Mummy broughted this normal bag and maded me think she was just going out as usual and coming home again at night!
So I cried.
I has many many sads!

Saturday, October 25

I has more sads...

I is feeling very upset today! Yesterday night while we were together on the bed sleeping, the Giant Kitty whispered to me about mine Mummy's Huge Bag coming out again very soon!

As soon as I heard that, I started crying, but both mine Mummy and the Giant Kitty told me to shut up or I shall have to get off the bed and sleep alone.
I did not want to sleep alone so I stopped crying.
But I is still very upset. I really is!

Thursday, October 23

a walky to the park...

Mine Mummy broughted me out for a walky again!
And Wabbit's Daddy camed along. Remember Wabbit?
He's the Giant Kitty's NOMSS friend and I visited Wabbit once, a long long time ago.

We wented to the park and I cried a little because it was dark and there were many peoples and it was a little scary.
So Wabbit's Daddy gave me a ride on his shoulder.

See! I is so high up!
Did you notice I is wearing the Mr Happy shirt? Looky here! Me and mine Mummy!At the park we met another kitty! Looky! He is the same colour as the Giant Kitty and he is very friendly. And he hogs mine Mummy's camera too! Looky!

Thursday, October 2

I loves you all...

Looky!!!! Mine Mummy's friend gave mine Mummy a digital camera!
Now she can take BETTER pictors of me!!!
Looky here! This is the first pictor of me taken with the digital camera!
It is good? Yes?

Oh, and this is long overdue, but because mine Mummy has been taking the compoooter away to work everyday that we couldn't blog the last 2 weeks, so it's only now that I can finally put this up.
You see, Diamond has given me this award and I is supposed to give it off to 5 other wonderful blogging friends.
So here goes.
The first one shall be Lego because he's my fellow friend from over this side of the big pond. And he's got a big brother who's a tuxie too, like the Giant Kitty.
Next I shall give it to Lux because I love him because he always says I'm cute.
And I shall give it to Black Cat too, because she thinks I'm awfully cute too.
Oh dear, if this goes on, I shall have to give to more than 5 friends because I think the world world thinks I'm cute!
Ok, 2 more.
I shall give it to Ariel and hope she wins the contest she's taking part in.
And finally to Aoise because Aoise's Miewmie has wented off to China like what mine Mummy did a few weeks ago!

I loves you all!