Thursday, October 23

a walky to the park...

Mine Mummy broughted me out for a walky again!
And Wabbit's Daddy camed along. Remember Wabbit?
He's the Giant Kitty's NOMSS friend and I visited Wabbit once, a long long time ago.

We wented to the park and I cried a little because it was dark and there were many peoples and it was a little scary.
So Wabbit's Daddy gave me a ride on his shoulder.

See! I is so high up!
Did you notice I is wearing the Mr Happy shirt? Looky here! Me and mine Mummy!At the park we met another kitty! Looky! He is the same colour as the Giant Kitty and he is very friendly. And he hogs mine Mummy's camera too! Looky!


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Beethoven, you are very brave to go for a walk with your Mummy! I would be very, very scairt.

Daisy said...

How cute that you and your mom have matching shirts!

Anonymous said...

Beethoven, look how brave you were! And very stylish, too! We would never want to to the big Outside that is not our yard. You should have seen Gandalf trying to get as close to Mom as he could yesterday at the VETS. He was even worse in the car!

Anonymous said...

Beethoven, you're a very brave young mancat! And how adorable that you and your Mom have matching shirts. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

michico*Adan said...

THat is very lovely you wear the same shirts with your mommy.
So so sweet,
and very nice that you walk with your mom~!!! She must be feeling very good!

Diamond said...

Hello Beethoven, I was very excited to see you visit my blog. You are so brave to go to the park. I would be scared to go there.
I have put some pictures of Fairy Penguins on my blog today, so you might like to see those. Lynettea let me have the pictures to post.

Anonymous said...

"Wow" Beethoven your a very brave kitty.The park sounds like fun and cute kitty :)