Thursday, October 30

many many sads...

Mine Mummy bluffed me! She didn't take the huge bag out and I thought she was just going out as usual yesterday.
See, all she brought was this bag.
She bluffed me!!!
She didn't come home last night!
So I kept crying the whole night.
I mean, if mine Mummy had taken the huge bag, I would have knowed she was going away because the Giant Kitty has already tolded me she is going away.
Then I wouldn't have cried. Well, not so much at least.
But mine Mummy broughted this normal bag and maded me think she was just going out as usual and coming home again at night!
So I cried.
I has many many sads!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Oven ... You look so forlorn ... Perhaps you should play with Boy for awhile?

I gave you an award! Stop by an' check out the post for 10/29/08!


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Do you think she intentionally did that, Beethoven? Because we don't think your Mummy would tell you an untruth. So you know when she'll be back? Do not be too sad, because she could not have fit very much in that little bag.

Aoise said...

That doesn't look like a long journey going away bag. Maybe she'll only be gone for a short time. I sure hope so cos I hate to see you all sads.

Daisy said...

I hope that a small bag = a small trip. Oven, you should seek consolation with Boy.

Anonymous said...

A small bag is good don't be sad(Hug).

The Cat Realm said...

Oh we are so sorry! She left you alone on HALLOWEEN? How could she do that??? How can we wish you a Happy Halloween now when it is clear that your Halloween is terrible....
Shall we trash the house while we are here? Just to show her?
We hope she comes back SOON!!!!!!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin and Karl