Saturday, January 31


i iS nOt dRuNk!!!

My new full-time job...

Being a model is not easy.
You has to looks pretty even when you is on your favourite furry blankie, because being a model is a full-time job.
Mine Mummy is not a very good photographer though.
My neck was aching long before she finally manages to gets a good shot.
Mine Mummy wants me to asks all mine friends' Mummys and Daddies how you manages to get good shots of us moving?

Friday, January 30

Mine Mummy's firstest shot of me...

Mine Mummy just boughted something called a DSLR!
And I is her first model!
Ok, the Giant Kitty is her first model but I begged and begged him not to post his pictor up so I can post mine first.
Mine Mummy says this is not a very good shot yet but I is posting this up because this is the FIRSTEST shot!
I is handsome?

Tuesday, January 27

My ex-girlfriend has a furrever home!

My ex-girlfriend has found a furrever home!
A kind couple came over to my home to looks at her.
And oooh and aahed over her.
Although she's no longer my girlfriend, but I still think she's beautiful, isn't she?
And of course the couple thinks she's beautiful too.
And they've prepared everything purrfectly for her, all ready for her to move in.
They've got a kitty, so they knows all about how to make a kitty happy.
And they promised to take her to the nice vet for all her rooster shots and also to bring her there in 6 months' time to take away something from her just like mine Mummy tooks me there to takes some parts of me away from me.

So before Sweetheart leaves, I gives her this little pink shirt.
Remember? I used to wear it like a squillion years ago when I was still tinier than her?
Not a squillion years Mummy? What? Only a year ago?
Well, ok, a year ago then.
So I gives Sweetheart this cute pink shirt as a goodbye gift and I hopes she'll remembers me when she grows up.
Byebye Sweetheart!I hope she has a wonderful life with her new furrever family!
And I loves the Giant Kitty and I is glad I'm not getting anymore whaps on the nose from him.

The Giant Kitty is my hero! And I shall not have a girlfriend anymores...

I loves the Giant Kitty! You know what he does?
He's my hero!

I've finally decided that, I'm still too young to have a girlfriend and the little kitty that mine Mummy brings home to be my girlfriend, well, she's not suitable for me.

You see, yesterday, when mine Mummy wented into her room to give her stinky goodness, she rans out.
So of course, I had to kiss her because she's my girlfriend.
So I wented to kiss her.
And you know what she did?
She scratched me on the nose!
A scratch on the nose is a squillion times worse than a whap on the nose! Really!

But I thought it was an accident. So I tried to get close to her again. And she screamed at me! And hissed at me, and trieded to kill me!
So I rans and rans and rans away and rans to the Giant Kitty because I was scareded of my girlfriend and I'm sure the Giant Kitty isn't scareded of anything.

And the Giant Kitty hissed at my girlfriend!
And he stoods between us and protected me from my girlfriend!
And he prevented me from being killed!

The Giant Kitty is my hero!

And I've finally decideds, I shall not have a girlfriend anymore. I prefers to stay single. I loves the Giant Kitty!I've been following him around.He's my hero! Don't you guys think he's awesome? I do!

Sunday, January 25

my girlfriend...

Looky at my girlfriend!
I think she's beautiful, don't you think so?
She still hisses at me though, especially when I tells her that she needs to wipes her bee-hind because it smells so.
The places where she's been bitten are healing up very very nicely and she's going to be good as new very very soon! I hope her hair grows back because she's still a bit bald in some areas.

However, I've come to the decision that even though I likes my girlfriend so, it's much better for her not to stay with us.
The Giant Kitty has been extremely jealous that I has a girlfriend and he has not, so he's feeling very grouchy.
And take my words for it, you wouldn't want to mess around with the Giant Kitty when he's grouchy.
He's one whom even the nice vets are scaredy of, and you know vets are beans who are used to seeing VERY VERY grouchy animals. So that tells you something about how scary the Giant Kitty is when he's not happy.
So he's not happy with me right now. Not very happy at all.
Yesterday, he was doing his usual grooming mine Mummy time and I just happened to walk past them. He immediately paused in grooming mine Mummy and HISSSSSED at me and whapped me on my nose. (Not the head because I like whaps on the head, but the nose. I do not likes whaps on the nose. They hurt.) So I ran away. And he continued grooming mine Mummy.
Today he's going off at me again because my Sweetheart is in the other room with the door closed and he cannot get at her.
I think I've gotten a total of a squillion whaps on the nose today but maybe it's more. I might have lost count somewhere.

So both me and mine Mummy are really hoping very very hard that my Sweetheart will find a furrever home very soon, and all will be peaceful in my house once again.
I do miss the Giant Kitty licking and snuggling me.

Saturday, January 24

my sweetheart....

Do you guys think I looks handsome standing like this?I wants to looks handsome because you know what?
Mine Mummy broughted a girlfriend home for me!

See! This is my girlfriend's pictor!
Isn't she sweet?
Mine Mummy broughted home a girlfriend for me!
I loves my girlfriend!
But let me tell you a secret.
My girlfriend isn't too demure.
She slurps her foods.
And she gobbles everything up.
I tolds her she has to eat daintily but she doesn't listen to me.
My girlfriend also has a lot of bald patches.
And when I asks her why she is balding, she hisses at me.
I think it's because my girlfriend is shy about being with me?
Oh, and my girlfriend smells too.
I think she needs her bee-hind wiped.
Mine Mummy tolds me my girlfriend is only staying with us for a while and she'll go away once she finds her forever home. I think I'm going to be sad when she leaves, but if she has a nice forever home, then it's ok. I can still go and look for her sometimes. And anyway, she's only my girlfriend, and we're not married, so perhaps we should not live together.

Anyway, the Giant Kitty is very upset about me having a girlfriend. I think he's jealous that I have one and he doesn't. So he kept scolding me today. But I shall put up with it for the sake of my girlfriend!

Friday, January 23


Something EXCITING has happened!
The Giant Kitty will be telling all about it later.
But perhaps I might blog about it too!

Thursday, January 22

I helps with the cooking...

I is helpful!
I helps mine Mummy when she's cooking!
I thinks cooking is fun because you get to play with pieces of chick-hen and vegetables and water!
Maybe I should be a chef when I grows up I think it's going to be great fun!

Monday, January 19

the Giant Kitty is going to the vet!

Today, the Giant Kitty is going to the vet!
I asked and asked mine Mummy if I can go too because I loves the vet, but she says it's not my turn yet.
Why does the Giant Kitty gets his turn but I don't get my turn?
I wants to go to the vet!

Why doesn't the Giant Kitty look happy?

Wednesday, January 14

Mine Mummy is home!!!!

Sigh.....where am mine Mummy?I feels like crying...

Mine Mummy.....just walked in!!!!!!!!!

Mine Mummy is home!!!!
These are your stuff Mummy?
Can I sniff them Mummy?
Mine Mummy is home!!!!

Any presents for me Mummy?
This is mine?
It smells nice!
Mine Mummy is home!!!!!
Shall I help you unpack?
Mine Mummy is home!!!!!

Can I go into your huge bag?
What is this smell? It's interesting!
Mine Mummy is home!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7

the Giant Kitty scolded me!!!

I has many sads today!
The Giant Kitty scolded me!

I wanted to help mine Mummy pack up her shelf neatly, but the Giant Kitty says NO!
I wanted to take a bath so that I is clean and smell nice, but the Giant Kitty says NO!
I wanted to make sure the litter in our litterbox is neat, but the Giant Kitty tells me GET OUT!
I wanted to check that the Giant Kitty's crunchy goodness is fresh but the Giant Kitty tells me NO!

See the Giant Kitty scolding me!
He's so fierce!I is sad...I is very sad...I think I is going to sulk the rest of the day!I has many many many sads!