Tuesday, January 27

My ex-girlfriend has a furrever home!

My ex-girlfriend has found a furrever home!
A kind couple came over to my home to looks at her.
And oooh and aahed over her.
Although she's no longer my girlfriend, but I still think she's beautiful, isn't she?
And of course the couple thinks she's beautiful too.
And they've prepared everything purrfectly for her, all ready for her to move in.
They've got a kitty, so they knows all about how to make a kitty happy.
And they promised to take her to the nice vet for all her rooster shots and also to bring her there in 6 months' time to take away something from her just like mine Mummy tooks me there to takes some parts of me away from me.

So before Sweetheart leaves, I gives her this little pink shirt.
Remember? I used to wear it like a squillion years ago when I was still tinier than her?
Not a squillion years Mummy? What? Only a year ago?
Well, ok, a year ago then.
So I gives Sweetheart this cute pink shirt as a goodbye gift and I hopes she'll remembers me when she grows up.
Byebye Sweetheart!I hope she has a wonderful life with her new furrever family!
And I loves the Giant Kitty and I is glad I'm not getting anymore whaps on the nose from him.


xy_meowie said...

oven, the gift was really really sweet, im sure ur ex-girlfriend is touched!

Anonymous said...

"Oh" that is good news and I'm sure she'll be happy.
You were so sweet to give her your shirt....Hugs

zevo hussein calamari said...

we are so happy for your ex... i am sure she will miss you!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We know your Sweetheart scratched your nose and tried to kill you, so that was a really nice gesture, to give her the sweater as a parting gift. We're glad she has a forever home and your brother is not whapping you on the nose any more.

Daisy said...

Well, I am very sorry that your first girlfriend did not work out, but you are still young and should date lots of pretty girl kitties. It was very sweet of you to give your ex-girlfriend your cute little pink shirt. And I hope she has a very happy life in her Forever home! Hooray!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I'm so happy this story worked out with such a happy ending!! I sure bet you're all excited to get back to normal.


Aoise said...

Isn't she a lucky girl ? A nice forever home and a pink shirt ! You can be sure than whenever she looks at her pink shirt she will remember you Oven and how much you loved her.

The Crew said...

Oh, that's so sweet. I'm sure she'll think of you each time she wears her pink shirt.

Your friend

Cliff and Olivia said...

We hope she gets a nice home and that you wont miss her too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we are SO HAPPY she has forever home, Oven!!

And although she's not your girlfriend anymore, you are the sweetest mancat to give her your shirt!!

Ruis & Karl

Diamond said...

This 'girlfriend' sounds a bit more like a demon witch to me Oven. I am glad she won't be around to terrorize you any more. Maybe she will calm down in her forever home and become civilized. She looks pretty in your little shirt. You would never know she is a 'scratcher'.