Sunday, April 27

naughty tails...

Here am me, just hadded a bath.
I LOVE bathies! Because I can play with water!
But I do not like "after the bathies" because I hadded to lick myself dry and I does not likes licking myself.
I would have laid on the bed and let the wind dry me, if not for the Giant Kitty who keeps scolding me and saying that if I want to grow up to be a mancat, I've got to lick myself dry.
I does not understand what licking dry has got to do with being a mancat.

If you look at 18sec or thereabouts, you can see me trying to grab my tail which usually has a life of it's own.
Most of the time, especially when I is trying to lick it, it will wiggle out of my paws.
Do anyone has the same problem with naughty tails?

Wednesday, April 23

Stuff on mine head...

You think I looks sweet?How do I looks now? Does I scare you?
Do you remember these horns?
They were christmas presents for the Giant Kitty from Mimi's mama.

Ok, and since we are on the topic of stuff on our heads,
do you guys remember once upon a time, before I was borned, that the Giant Kitty gotted a pancake on his head?
Well, mine Mummy tolds me that putting pancakes on our heads is a family tradition and so here she is, persuading me to have it on my head too.

Let me smell it! It smells YUMMY!
Here, I think you should put it a bit more to the right.
My handsome half profile.
Yay! So I finally managed to follow the family tradition!
I is sure the Giant Kitty will be proud of me too!

Friday, April 18

I is famous! No????

Looky here!
I is famous!
I is on the big screen!
What? The Giant Kitty says it's a video on youtube and you do not have to be famous to be on it?

Well anyway, here you can see how well I has learnt to cleans myself.
When I first came, I do not like to wash myself, but the Giant Kitty scolded me and taught me how to do it.
See, I've learnt very well haven't I?

But I still prefer snuggling by mine Mummy bestest of all.

Monday, April 14

another vet visit...

I wented to the vet again today!
This will be my final rooster shot and after that, I is going to get shot only once a year.

The weather was fine, so mine Mummy and I took a walk to the vet.
At first mine Mummy thought she could get me on the harness and stroll to the vet, but the journey was too interesting for me to walk quickly - every single blade of grass has to be sniffed don't you agree?
So as we were running late for our 930am appointment, mine Mummy had to bundle me into the stroller and jog me to the vet.
Here am me on the bench at the waiting area at the vet.
Here, i was looking at posters of woofies. Why do they put posters of woofies on the walls? Why don't they put posters of me or the Giant Kitty? We're more handsome than those woofies!
Oh, did you see this pink overall I has on?
It's my new overall. Mine Mummy gotted it for me a while back and today is the first time I wore it!
After the vet.
This is the street outside the vet's place.
There are lots of places with good food here but mine Mummy says they do not allow me in there!
That's so unfair!Because the weather is too hot after our vet visit, mine Mummy decides we shall take the LRT back home.
This is the first time I've been on the LRT!

Here's the road leading to the LRT station.Handsome me.Trees. (Not as handsome as me).Walking towards the station.Here it is!Me in the station. Too dark to see me clearly though.Thanggam station.Here's the LRT.I think I like taking the LRT! It is fun, and it's air-conditioned, so I'm comfortably cool!

Today at the vet, neither Dr Audrey nor Dr Grace was there. Dr Frederik saw me, and I don't think I like him as much as I do Dr Audrey or Dr Grace.
I didn't do my parrot stand on him and I kept on hiding behind mine Mummy.
I think I prefer girl doctors better than boy doctors!

Dr Frederik told mine Mummy she can bring me in anytime after next month for the OPERATION.
WHAT operation do I have to go for???????
I think I'm perfectly well, aren't I?
I do not have to be operated on!!!!!!!
I really think I do not like Dr Frederik at all!

If I really have to go for the operation, I do hope it's Dr Audrey or Dr Grace who does it!

Sunday, April 13

sleepy Sunday...

I think I sleep very handsomely, don't I?
I wonder why the Giant Kitty keeps laughing at the way I sleep?

See all the nice poses I has!

This was when I first came and the Giant Kitty first let me on the bed together with him.
As you can see, I was sleeping very properly and didn't dare to move much.
A little later, he allowed me to sleep together on the bed with him.
His corner is next to the pillow while mine is on mine Mummy's fuzzy blanket.
This is when the Giant Kitty is not sleeping while I is sleeping.
I sometimes like to take over his corner by the pillow when the weather is too hot for the fuzzy blanket.
This is me on mine Mummy and the fuzzy blanket.Sometimes you can practice yoga while sleeping.This is my yoga sleeping pose.This is my handsome mancat-in-training sleeping pose.I LOVE my fuzzy blanket, but the weather here is really too hot sometimes.
So I make do by just having my head touch the fuzzy blanket.Most of the time, I have sweet dreams while I sleeps.
I've a suggestion.
Why don't you guys who want to play, post your most creative sleeping poses on your bloggies and leave your links in my comments?
I've always wondered if other kitties sleep like me or the Giant Kitty.

PSSST: Don't say I told you guys, but....the Giant Kitty snores in his sleep! Heheheheh....

Sunday, April 6

toys galore....

I has lots toys and I loves them all.
Before I came, mine Mummy already boughted lots of toys for the Giant Kitty.
Then when I came, mine Mummy thought it wasn't fair the Giant Kitty has to share all his toys with me, so she boughted MORE toys!
So now, I not only have the Giant Kitty's toys to play with, I has mine own too, and that makes double the amount of toys I has!

Here are my toys.
You can clicky to biggify.

Wednesday, April 2

Mine Mummy gotted something new for her piano!....and my brothers!

You know, some beans put busts of famous musicians like Mozart or Beethoven on top of their piano. Mine Mummy didn't have that - she only has two giraffes on her piano.

That is, until today. Today, she's gotted a Beethoven on her piano!

The problem with this Beethoven is that he doesn't stay in a single spot for long.

Some other news.
Mine foster mama (the one I stayed with before I came to my furrever home here with mine Mummy) gotted in touch with mine Mummy and sent her photos of my real brothers!
They're happily with another family now and although they have each other, they do not have the Giant Kitty!
Do you think they look like me?