Thursday, September 27

the Giant Kitteh is awesomes!

WOW!!! The Giant Kitteh is really awesomes!
Do you know why the Giant Kitteh is awesomes?

His butt is made of STARS!!!!

I was chasings my mousie around and the mousie slid past the Giant Kitteh who was sittings in the middle of the room and I cannot stops in time and I crashes into the Giant Kitteh's butt.
And then...... I SAW STARS!!!!

Lots and lots of stars!!!

I didn't knows anyone's butt was made of stars, but the Giant Kitteh's is!
Don't you all think the Giant Kitteh is just awesomes?

Tuesday, August 28

I cannot remembers how to squeaks...

Who is it I hears?
Oh nose! It is the Giant Kitteh!*runs and hides under furry blankie*

Ever since that day I squeaks, the Giant Kitteh thought it so funnys and he has been tryings to makes me squeaks again.
I know the Giant Kitteh and mine Mummy likes it when I squeaks because they were laughings at me, so I trys my hardest to squeaks but no matter what I did, I did not remembers how I manageds to squeaks that day!

I really did trys very very hard, but I couldn't squeak again!
But the Giant Kitteh has been trying to stomp on me all the time and I is havings a very sore middle now and I do not wants him to stomps on me anymore but if I tells him, he is going to get upsets with me and I do not wants him to be upsets with me but I cannot remembers how to squeaks and helps.....I needs to hide under my furry blankie.

Tuesday, August 21

mine Mummy and the Giant Kitteh are laughing at me...

You knows I really lubs the Giant Kitteh because I just lubs him so, but you knows the Giant Kitteh is also GIANT, and when he was trying to get down the bed just now, he steps over me and I reachs out because I lubs him so and I wants to gives him a hug and then I mades him trips over and then he steps on me, right in my middle.

And the Giant Kitteh is GIANT and when he steps on me I gaves a SQUEAK.

And both mine Mummy and the Giant Kitteh thinks it's so funny that I squeaks and they are both laughings at me now.

Thursday, August 16

I do not unnerstands why...

I only wents inside the space behind those pails in the bathroom because I've never been there before. I only screams because the space was very small and I could not gets out. I only cames out covered with dust bunnies because the space was very small and the bunnies had no where to go.

Why does mine Mummy scolds me?