Thursday, July 31


Looky! I gotted this award AGAIN!
Karen Jo thought I had such a wonderful blog, she passed this award on to me!
You can go to her blog and see what she said about my bloggy! I loves you Karen Jo!
Pssst....and you know what? The Giant Kitty didn't get this award!

I saw magic today!
The weather is so warm that mine Mummy putted an ice cube into our water bowl!
The Giant Kitty says he's seen this squillions of times before and it's nothing special.
But it is special!
It's my first ice cube!
I could chase it all around our water bowl!
And you know what?
The ice cube knows magic!
After a while of chasing it around, I think it gotted tired and didn't want to play anymore.
So it made itself disappear!
That's just so awesome!
I must get the ice cube to teach me magic!
I think I'll wait by my water bowl tonight so that I can gets the ice cube to teach me when it decides to reappear.
I loves ice cubes!

Thursday, July 24

of things....

Looky here! Mine Mummy gotted me a new toy and it's pink!
But I think it's not built for handsome mancats-in-training wearing pink.
It cames apart after I whap on it only once!

Oh, and I learnts something today.
When mine Mummy is sick with fever and cold and what not, do not sniff at her nostrils.
It's got an awfully funny smell!

Oh, and mine Mummy has been telling me she's going to China at the end of August.
Why does she have to tell me?
I mean, she goes out everyday, and she comes back at night.
I never ask her where she goes.
It's ok. She really doesn't have to tell me where she goes because the Giant Kitty tolds me before that mine Mummy goes out to finds something call marnies so she can changes the marnies into nice crunchy goodness and toys and beautiful shirts for me.

Why does mine Mummy have to tell me where she's going?
And when is August anyway?
I think it's so many sleeps away I may become an old kitty by then.
Mine Mummy really is funny.
She never tells me where she goes everyday, why does she have to tell me this time?

Monday, July 21

mine Cold Box meme...

Lux tagged me a like a squillion years ago for the cold box meme, but the Giant Kitty has been hogging the compoooter. Now, I can finally do this meme.

"A fun and simple MEME for the hot summer. Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL!"

As you can see, my Cold Box is extremely boring to look at.
It doesn't even have a single magnet or anything on it.

BUT, sometimes, it can has a very handsome thing on it.
Don't you think my Cold Box looks awesome now?

Mine Mummy stuffs everything into the Cold Box, and sometimes she surprises herself with the things she finds in it.
I tooks a peep in the Cold Box just now and I spotted half a packet of chips which I think I remembered seeing when I first came here! I would like to see mine Mummy's face when she finds it!
There are nice things in it too.
I saw a piece of cake in there!
A piece of nice yummy cake!
Mine Mummy better share it with me!

Mummy! Can I has a cake?

Oh ya....I was supposed to tag someone else.
Alright! You know who I shall tags?
I tags the Giant Kitty!

Because he'll have to put the same Cold Box up for his meme and he'll HAVE to put a handsome pictor of me up on his blog!

Saturday, July 19

i is gotted an award!

My furriend Ariel has given me this awesome award!
Thank you dear Ariel!

Lux also tagged me for the cold box meme.
I promise I'll do it later today!

I'm sorry I took so long to post this because you see, the Giant Kitty has been hogging the compoooter and hisses everytime I tried to ask something like "Is it my turn..."

He says that big brothers are busy and have very important things to do on the compoooter so little things like me should not always bother him.
Do you think I'll be as important as the Giant Kitty when I grows up?
What happens then when I've got important things to do as well?
Will mine Mummy buy another compoooter for me so we can each have a compoooter of our own?

I sure hope so!
I wishes I grows up soon!

Monday, July 14

I loves the Giant Kitty...

Looky! I gotted to kisses the Giant Kitty!
And he didn't hiss at me!
Well, at least not at first. He started hissing when I tried to nom his whiskers though.

Mine Mummy isn't a very good photographer, but you can see can't you?
I gotted to kisses the Giant Kitty!
I loves the Giant Kitty!

Thursday, July 10

I didn't mean to...

See, this was all that was left of of the lizard when mine Mummy saw it.
I wanted to make friends with it but it ignored me when I tries to talks to it. And then it was all running about and I didn't want it to go on my bed and share my bed with me and the Giant Kitty and mine Mummy tonight so I bited it. Then when I bited it, I realises it has quite an interesting taste! So I nomed it a little. Then I found it stopped moving!
Then mine Mummy came in and she was all screaming, "Oh no! You killed the poor lizard! You killed it!"
Oh no!
I is sad! I didn't mean to kill it! I only wanted to be friends with it!

Tuesday, July 8

My poop is special...

The Giant Kitty tolds me I is in big trouble because I eated something called a dental fwoss.
It smelled yummy and I tried to nom it.
Then mine Mummy started chasing me and asking me to put it down, so it must be something really wonderful. So I swallowed it before she could reach me.

Then today, mine Mummy was so pleased at me.
All because I pooped.
If mine Mummy loves it when I poop, maybe I should poop more often?
It's funny though because mine Mummy was jumping up and down and screaming "dental floss dental floss there you are!" At my poop!
My poop must be something quite special!
My poop is gooder than the Giant Kitty's poop! Because I never see mine Mummy so happy looking at the Giant Kitty's poop!

Thursday, July 3

I loves bread!

I loves bread. But the Giant Kitty doesn't understand why I can loves bread so much but not likes ham! But bread IS nicer!