Thursday, February 26

Shall I barks?

Looky at the words on my shirt.
Do you think mine Mummy has made a mistake somewhere?

Monday, February 23

I gets to be a star!

This is what happens when mine Mummy's been thinkings too much and not going to sleeps...I gets to star in her story!
Clicky here to sees it!
Oh, and I gotted this award the second time again!
This time it's from all my wonderful friends over at Friends Furever!
Thank you guys!

Thursday, February 19

handsome professional model...

Oh hai there.
I is learning new handsome poses since I is learning how to be a professional model.
How does this look? Handsome?

Oh what? Oh, the Giant Kitty asks me to tells you all to go and buys somethings from mine Mummy's auction. It's ending in a week's time. Go and helps some kittehs!
Mine Mummy to date, has sold $33 worth of stuff and hopefully more to come.

Today, mine Mummy just delivered some things mine foster Mama boughted to helps da kittehs and they were chatting up on the times when I was still a little one at mine foster Mama's place.
And mine foster Mama related a story about me to mine Mummy. It was something I almost forgotteds until now!
When I was still at mine foster Mama's place, I loved to hides. And also to runs all over the place at lightning speed. And one day, I secretly slipped out of the house without mine foster Mama realising.
And after a long time (like 2 hours) mine foster Mama wondered why it's been so long since I zapped all around the house and the house was so quiet. So she thoughts I was hiding someplace. And she lookeds high and low and all around for me. But couldn't finds me!
And she gotted more and more worried.
And then she heard mine voice! I was screaming at her but she couldn't think where in the world my screams comes from! But slowly, she followed the sounds of my voice, and found that I was OUTSIDE the house!
I had taken a nice 2 hour walk around the vicinity and finally founds my way home again all by myself! And I was screaming for her to open the door pronto and lets me in!
Wasn't I a clever kitten then? I tooks a nice long walk all by meself and I knews my way back!
And it was lucky I knews my way back because if not, I wouldn't be at mine foster Mama's place, and if I were not at mine foster Mama's place, mine Mummy wouldn't have gone to her and adopted me. And now it might have been some other nasty kitty who's enjoying all the Giant Kitty's whaps instead of me. And if it is so, I would has been a very very sad kitty now.

Saturday, February 14

Happy I-Loves-You-All Day!

Today is a very speshul day. Because it's the day we shows how much we loves everybodees.
And to make it even more speshul, I just wonned Ariel's Valentine's Day Contest!
The above pictor is what everybodees sees after I posed like a professional model for a squillion hours.

But I thoughts I would show some behind-the-scene shots too.
Here, I is contemplating which is the best position to place my heart on. The bed doesn't seem like a good idea because I thought the colours of the heart doesn't stand out enough. I'm trying to nom the heart...because mine Mummy didn't pay me enough treats for my modelling job.Hmmm...I think the heart isn't very nice to nom after all.Ok, so here is professional model on the job.
Mine handsum furs makes the heart stand out doesn't it?
Happy I-Loves-You-All Day everybodees!

And...that is not all!
I gotted an award too from Brandi!
And I has to think of 8 other friends to gives this award to! Oh dear...that is a hard one.
Ok I shall gives them to Ariel, Aoise, Lux, Jeter, Dr Tweety, Chey, Adan and Chase!

Thursday, February 12

family resemblance...

More pictors of the Giant Kitty in the ancient times!Do you guys see a family resemblance?Both of us likes to sit and stare at the closed curtains!

Wednesday, February 11

Buy something and help da kitties!

This is so exciting!
The auctions are up!
There are still many other things which are not posted up for auction yet because mine Mummy is still slowly sorting through her stuff, so new things will constantly be added.
Do do do see if there's anything you really really really loves, and you can pester your Mummys or Daddies (for the kittehs) to buy them. Or you can buys them yourself if you're a bean.
And even if you do not want any of those stuff, you can tells other beans around you and get them to see if they want!
The more beans who know about it, the more we can sells!
I do hopes we gets to sell them all and gets lots and lots of marnies for da Cat Welfare Society because without the Cat Welfare Society, I wouldn't get to have my family here with the Giant Kitty and mine Mummy.
Do go and take a looks and I loves ya all!

Tuesday, February 10

An auction to helps the kitties!

Mine Mummy's been packing and packing and clearing away stuff these few days, so I've been really busy snoopervising her.And mine Mummy found lots of stuff she doesn't wants anymore, but she thinks are still good enough to use. And she doesn't want to just throw them away.
So she thoughts and thoughts and she came up with an idea to auction the stuff away.
And you knows what?
We is going to donate all the marnies from selling the stuff to the Cat Welfare Society.
So everyone can have many happys. Mine Mummy gets to get rid of the things she doesn't need anymore, whoever buys those stuff gets to have the whatever they boughts, and the Cat Welfare Society gets some marnies!
Check out mine Mummy's bloggy for more information.

Alright Mummy, sells your stuff. But I is making sure you don't accidentally sells mine.
I do still wants that bottle of temptations.
And my toys over here.
Just checking.

Monday, February 9

another award!

Wow looky! Cliff and Olivia gaves me an award!This is what the award is all about:
This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Thank you so much! And I wants to gives this award to all of mine friends!
Yes, all of you and not just 8 other friends.
Because I think ALL of you are just so wonderful in your own way.
I loves you all!
Please do, all of you, post this award up on your blog because I really do means, ALL OF YOU!

Saturday, February 7

of the ancient times....

I've putted more up pictors of the Giant Kitty during the ancient times!

These are all in mine Mummy's old house before she moved with the Giant Kitty to here.
I think the Giant Kitty looks the same in ancient times and now.
Looky at him sniff the fake flower.Batting at the flower...Oppss....nom nom nom...The Giant Kitty acting like a cute kitten.The Giant Kitty doesn't seem too happy that I keep calling him ancient, but imagine! To be around in an era without digital cameras, if that is not ancient, what is?
Oh, and during the Giant Kitty's time, compoooters were not that common too. The Giant Kitty tolds me he was like 5 before they hadded a compoooter at home and it was even later before he could blog because bloggies were not common then! WOW!
Maybe the Giant Kitty should tell you all about the ancient days in his bloggy!
I shall pester him to do it!

Thursday, February 5

Long long ago...

Looky at this!I is going to make a special guest appearance on the 8th Feb at Zoolatry!
I is so excited!

Oh, and today is mine blogoversary too!
This blog is one year old!

Mine Mummy has been doing a lot of packing up and throwing away stuff these few days.
And looky at what I helped mine Mummy finds!
Pictors of the Giant Kitty!
Lots of pictors of the Giant Kitty!
Printed pictors!

Mine Mummy tolds me that during the Giant Kitty's younger days, digital cameras were something not the average bean can afford, and mine Mummy was a poor tiny bean who's still in school then and naturally she did not have a digital camera. Nor mobile phones which had inbuilt cameras. In fact, beans don't usually have mobile phones back then.
Oh gosh!
I've always knew the Giant Kitty to be ANCIENT, but WOW! To live in the era before digital cameras and mobile phones!
Just WOW!
If you looks carefully at the bottom of the pictors, they say '97 6 23.
Mine Mummy tolds me these pictors were taken in 1997!
Just WOW again!
If the Giant Kitty was borned in Nov 1993, it means this pictors were taken when he was 3+!
Just a tad older than me now!

See him taking a bath!
The Giant Kitty doesn't likes water as much as I do, but he does enjoy taking baths like I do.See, he'll just stand there while mine Mummy uses the hose to spray him down.
He loves being soaked in this plastic tub too.
And this is still how the Giant Kitty has his baths now.
With the only exception that it's not just him alone in the tub, there's me next to him too!
After the bath.Isn't it cool?
WOW! Pictors of the Giant Kitty from so long ago!
There's still a squillion more pictors!
I wonder whether I should continue putting them up slowly?
What do you guys think?

Tuesday, February 3

Mine Gotcha Day!

Presenting to you....
Mine Mummy maded this with something called a fish eye!
I would have thought fish eyes were something nice to nom, but looky at what it did instead! It gaves me a hamster face! Hahahahaha...

Oh, and today is mine Gotcha Day!
I've been here with mine Mummy and the Giant Kitty for an entire year!
And in 2 days' time, it's going to be mine first blogaversary!
See, this is mine firstest bloggy post! Do you guys remember it?
When I first came, I was scareded of the Giant Kitty and I thought he was awful mean!
But the Giant Kitty protected me when I was being killed by my girlfriend, and he gives the bestest whaps there are and he teaches me lots and lots of things now and I loves him!
I is glad I came to my furrever home and I'm going to enjoy my Gotcha Day!
And mine Mummy wroted very nice things for mine Gotcha Day.
And the Giant Kitty wroted some nice things too.
And, I loves you all!

Monday, February 2

handsome new banner!

See this banner?
The guys at Zoolatry maded it specially for me!
Now I can gets mine handsome face up on mine bloggy header!
Arh, all the cricks in the neck posing for mine Mummy was worth it because I gotted a nice pictor!
Thank you Maggy and Zoey and Ann!