Wednesday, February 11

Buy something and help da kitties!

This is so exciting!
The auctions are up!
There are still many other things which are not posted up for auction yet because mine Mummy is still slowly sorting through her stuff, so new things will constantly be added.
Do do do see if there's anything you really really really loves, and you can pester your Mummys or Daddies (for the kittehs) to buy them. Or you can buys them yourself if you're a bean.
And even if you do not want any of those stuff, you can tells other beans around you and get them to see if they want!
The more beans who know about it, the more we can sells!
I do hopes we gets to sell them all and gets lots and lots of marnies for da Cat Welfare Society because without the Cat Welfare Society, I wouldn't get to have my family here with the Giant Kitty and mine Mummy.
Do go and take a looks and I loves ya all!


Daisy said...

That is such a good thing your mom is doing to help kittehs!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Your momma is doing a great thing!