Tuesday, January 27

The Giant Kitty is my hero! And I shall not have a girlfriend anymores...

I loves the Giant Kitty! You know what he does?
He's my hero!

I've finally decided that, I'm still too young to have a girlfriend and the little kitty that mine Mummy brings home to be my girlfriend, well, she's not suitable for me.

You see, yesterday, when mine Mummy wented into her room to give her stinky goodness, she rans out.
So of course, I had to kiss her because she's my girlfriend.
So I wented to kiss her.
And you know what she did?
She scratched me on the nose!
A scratch on the nose is a squillion times worse than a whap on the nose! Really!

But I thought it was an accident. So I tried to get close to her again. And she screamed at me! And hissed at me, and trieded to kill me!
So I rans and rans and rans away and rans to the Giant Kitty because I was scareded of my girlfriend and I'm sure the Giant Kitty isn't scareded of anything.

And the Giant Kitty hissed at my girlfriend!
And he stoods between us and protected me from my girlfriend!
And he prevented me from being killed!

The Giant Kitty is my hero!

And I've finally decideds, I shall not have a girlfriend anymore. I prefers to stay single. I loves the Giant Kitty!I've been following him around.He's my hero! Don't you guys think he's awesome? I do!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

what a hero!

How's your nose?

Diamond said...

It is good to have your own special protector Oven.

Isis said...

Oh Beethoven, your passionate nature must have scared your girlfriend to make her scratch your nose! You see you have to wait for a girlycat to come to you of her own accord before you try planting kisses on her like that! ;) Oh yes I know all about it, just look at my belly and you can see I'm rather an expert on how to treat a mancat! *giggle*blush*


Kaz's Cats said...

Oven, we're glad that Boy was there to help you out. Don't be too hard on the girl kitty - she's no doubt just a little scared being in a strange place, and she's probably not used to other kitties being nice to her. Hope your nose is feeling okay,


Gypsy & Tasha

Cliff and Olivia said...

Great. So The Giant Kitty's aloofness was heroism all along. You're lucky to live under the Giant Kitty's benevolent protection.