Sunday, January 25

my girlfriend...

Looky at my girlfriend!
I think she's beautiful, don't you think so?
She still hisses at me though, especially when I tells her that she needs to wipes her bee-hind because it smells so.
The places where she's been bitten are healing up very very nicely and she's going to be good as new very very soon! I hope her hair grows back because she's still a bit bald in some areas.

However, I've come to the decision that even though I likes my girlfriend so, it's much better for her not to stay with us.
The Giant Kitty has been extremely jealous that I has a girlfriend and he has not, so he's feeling very grouchy.
And take my words for it, you wouldn't want to mess around with the Giant Kitty when he's grouchy.
He's one whom even the nice vets are scaredy of, and you know vets are beans who are used to seeing VERY VERY grouchy animals. So that tells you something about how scary the Giant Kitty is when he's not happy.
So he's not happy with me right now. Not very happy at all.
Yesterday, he was doing his usual grooming mine Mummy time and I just happened to walk past them. He immediately paused in grooming mine Mummy and HISSSSSED at me and whapped me on my nose. (Not the head because I like whaps on the head, but the nose. I do not likes whaps on the nose. They hurt.) So I ran away. And he continued grooming mine Mummy.
Today he's going off at me again because my Sweetheart is in the other room with the door closed and he cannot get at her.
I think I've gotten a total of a squillion whaps on the nose today but maybe it's more. I might have lost count somewhere.

So both me and mine Mummy are really hoping very very hard that my Sweetheart will find a furrever home very soon, and all will be peaceful in my house once again.
I do miss the Giant Kitty licking and snuggling me.


Grrreta said...

Your girlfriend is lovely! Even with bald spots and a stinky bee-hind, she's truly beautiful. We hope she gets the wonderful forever home that she deserves.

Anonymous said...

Awww Beethoven I sorry about your nose whaps.Maybe you should hide from the Gaint Kitty until alls better....Hugs

Christine and FAZ said...

You will miss her I am sure, but I bet she wants a furrever home of her own. FAZ

Cliff and Olivia said...

We thinks she's very pretty. Hope she finds a new place and that you can get the Big Kitty to have a sunnier disposition.

Cliff & Olivia

Daisy said...

Oven, you are very young to learn this lesson, but it is very hard sometimes to please both your family and your girlfriend!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

we are sorry dat da giant kitteh doe not like yer gurlfriend cuz she is furry purrty

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We are sorry about the nose whapping, that's just not right. IT's not your fault she's there!
But what a pretty little girl she is! She's been pretty traumatized being out on her own like she was, so try to look the other way when she slurps her food & when her behind smells.

Black Cat said...

I think your girlfriend is very, very, very pretty and she has beautiful, very big eyes! What a shame that the Giant Kitty doesn't like her because if he could get over his grouchiness and jealousy I think she would make a great addition to your family! Her smelliness and food-slurping will go once she is well and secure in a loving home, so I hope she finds one soon, even if that can't be with you:(

I hope your cute little nose isn't too sore dear 'Oven! :) xxx

Aoise said...

Ahh poor Oven. The course of true love never runs smooth ! It looks like it will be best for everyone to let your sweetheart go to a nice forever home. I hope giant kitty stops wapping your nose !

Furkidsmom said...

Your girlfriend is beautiful! We know someone will want to give her a forever home. We're sorry Giant Kitty doesn't like her and we're really sorry that you got a squillion whaps on the nose.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I'm sure the Giant Kitty will be OK soon especially since she's not staying forever. She is very very cute and we're sure she'll find a great home.


Fat Eric said...

Thank you for visiting me on my blogoversary!

Goodness me, I didn't realise there was so much drama going on at your house! Hope your girlfriend finds a good home soon!