Saturday, March 22

in search of the Easter Bunny....

Today mine Mummy broughted me out!
It was only me and mine Mummy. I would like to have the Giant Kitty go out with me too, but the Giant Kitty says he doesn't like the "OUTSIDE".

Mine Mummy broughted me to her friend's house.
This friend has a kitty and a wabbit, and the kitty is a friend of the Giant Kitty!
Ha, I bet if the Giant Kitty knew we were going to visit his kitty friend, he wouldn't be so hasty in saying he doesn't like the "OUTSIDE"!

Here am me.
I just reached mine Mummy's friend's house.
See, I is wearing the Beet-in-Oven t-shirt.
Is I pretty?

Why is it the Giant Kitty's friend doesn't look pleased to see me?
I is cute! No?
The Giant Kitty's friend is called Mimi.
I guess he must be feeling a bit shy in seeing me, and not because he is displeased at seeing me.
Do you think so?

Do you know what I is looking at here?

It's the Easter weekend and mine Mummy broughted me here to find the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny's on his toilet.
It's quite amazing, the Easter Bunny poops A LOT!
And the Easter Bunny is larger than me!

The Easter Bunny has finished pooping and I'm trying to get in to see if I can find some Easter Eggs.
Why aren't there Easter Eggs?
Mummy! I want some Easter Eggs!

Oh, did you see the orange fish toy at my feet?
I broughted my toys too, in case the Easter Bunny or Mimi wanted to play with them.
But none of them wanted to play with me!

The Giant Kitty is nicer. He plays whap-the-head with me.
Mimi doesn't want to play anything with me!

Well, anyway, I is home now and I is tired!
I think whap-the-head with the Giant Kitty would have to wait until tomorrow!


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Forget the eggs. I would just rather eat the bunny.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

You sawed the REAL Easter Bunny?!! Soooo cool!!! What did he smell like? Did he chomp on you? What are his bunny kicks like??


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Well, Mimi is jealous of your cool shirt, we can tell you that for sure!
We are glad you didn't get confused and think the bunny doots were Easter eggs. That would be a nasty thing.

Cecil the Cougar: said...

I cannot believe the Easter Bunny has a toilet!

I think it is odd that you could not find his eggs because he poops them out, and you say he poops a lot.

You are very cute Beet! I think your shirt is getting small on you! Soon you will be big enough for the harness and lead!

Chance said...

WOW, dat sownds lyk yoo hads a gud aventyur. Fanks fur showins us wat da easter bunnie luks lyk. Now I noe wat he luks lyk soes I can fynds him wen he cums sunday.

Maybe yoo culdna fynd his eggs cuz itz not easter yet......

Daisy said...

I never dreamed that the Easter Bunny went to the potty. Or that he would be bigger than you! He better get a move on since it is almost Easter.

I am sorry that Mimi did not want to play with your toys. It was nice of you to bring them with you just in case.

Adan*Michico said...

That is so funny,
you are meeting Easter Bunny~!!!!
Wowww... The bunny is so so big,
you are so brave!

goldenshade said...

That was quite the adventure you had. You seem so brave and friendly. Poor Giant Kitty must be a little jealous!

I didn't know the Easter Bun was a lop.


Anonymous said...

"Wow" sounds like you had a busy day.
That Easter bunny is very big and beautiful.Too bad he or Mimi wouldn't play.I would play with you cause your so adorable.Have a Happy Easter :)

DaisyMae Maus said...

That Easter Bunny is PAWSOME! Too bad the eggs were hidden an' you didn't get any. Stay away from the bunny's poops, though ... they are NOT delicious like Easter eggs.

MoMo said...

Oh wow, the Easter bunny is certainly bigger than you, cutie pie. Wonder why they don't want to play with you! Perhaps you'll have to go visit them more for them to get used to you.