Thursday, December 17

I is having many sads on mine purrthday...

I is sad!
Mine Mummy hasn't been home since Monday and I think she is losted herself somewhere!
And I is extra sad today because today is my purrthday and mine Mummy is still losted! I askeds the Giant Kitty where mine Mummy is and he says she wented off to see something called a huge wall and a city that is forbiddens and she is going to be losted until many many naps later! I wants mine Mummy! I do not wants to be alones on mine purrthday! The Giant Kitty tells me to stop whining and cryings because today, I is a big boy and is 2. And he says boys who are 2 should stop crying, but I do not wants to stop crying because I is having many sads and I wants mine Mummy back!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We agree with you, 'Oven, your mom should be home for your purrthday. But don't be sad, she'll be back.

Happy Birthday, friend!

Grrreta said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! We hope your mummy gets un-losted very soon.

brandi said...

Happy Birthday, little one. Don't worry aboout your mummy. She will be back. I know. I know. Patience is hard for you. But mummy wants you to play and nap and not be sads too much cause she will come home to you!

Whitey said...

Happy Birthday, 'Oven. Even tho you iz having a sad, yer Mummy loves you. And that iz a very good thing.

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, 'Oven! It is only natural for a Mancat to want his mommy.

Aoise said...

Gaoxing shengri Oven. You are all growed up now but birthdays are always special and never quite the same without our mummies. She will soon be home and will tell you all about that big wall and forbidden city.

Wally Ernie Zoey said...

Happy Birthday, Oven! We bet your mummy will have a big celebration for you when she gets home!!

Anonymous said...