Thursday, May 1

Fun-dwaiser - Knock-knock

The Giant Kitty told me that even though I is still a little baby kitty, there is stuff I can do to help.
Camie's Kitties came up with this brilliant fun-draising idea and I is going to try my paw at it!
Here's my very first knock-knock joke!

Giant Kitty: Knock knock...

Me: zzzz...who's there?

Giant Kitty: Geduhpan....

Me: Geduhpan who?

Giant Kitty: Geduhpan wet me have mine turn snuggwing on Mummy!

Me: blegh....( my tongue nice? Mine Mummy says it's rude to show my tongue, but I think the Giant Kitty deserves it!)

Giant Kitty: ........... (so annoyed he fainted...)

There! Is my knock-knock joke good?


Karen Jo said...

You made a good Knock, Knock joke, Beethoven. I think your tongue is cute.

Anonymous said...

We loved your Knock, Knock joke, Beethoven! Now geduhpan get us some nip! hahahaha! You are getting so big!

goldenshade said...

Well, if a cat faints at the end of your joke, it must be a great one!

Ha Ha!

~Goldie and Shade

Daisy said...

Beethoven, your joke was most excellent! And sticking your tongue out at the end was the perfect finishing touch.

DEBRA said...



Christina said...

Beethoven you are a very funny kitty. We are all laughing...hee hee.
Love Paws,
Trixie and Polly
(we have a knock knock joke too)

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Beethoven! Your knock knock joke is very funny! I especially like it that you did not get up and let Boy have your spot.

Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Beethoven, thank you for helping out. We are having a great time reading all of the jokes.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

We love your tongue!

One-Eyed Jack said...

That was a very good first knock knock joke, Beethoven! Good Job!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Very original, Beethovan. We hope you did eventually let your brother have a turn.

Christine and FAZ said...

You must have been annoyed to faint like that? FAZ