Tuesday, December 30

how long is many many many sleeps away?

I misses mine Mummy.
Do you guys knows when mine Mummy will be coming back?
I asked the Giant Kitty and he says it's many many many many many sleeps away and he tolds me to stops crying and he'll give me lots and lots of mighty whaps on the head.
So I stops crying for a while.
But when he finishes whapping, I start crying again.
Then he says he's going to sit on me.
But I is still sad, so I carried on crying.
Then he says he's going to ignore me.
So he hasn't been speaking to me the whole of today.
I has many sads!
No Mummy and no Giant Kitty to plays with me!
I wonder if he'll speak to me tomorrow?


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sorry you're sad, Beethoven. We hope Boy will let you snuggle with hims today. It's his 15th Gotcha Day and his mommy is gone too.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Oven. Many, many, many sleeps is very hard to understand, especially when you are so sad. Maybe if you whap the Giant Kitty, he will start playing with you again. That will help pass the many, many, many sleeps time away.

Daisy said...

Oven, I am very sorry you are so sad. Go back to Boy and ask him for some whaps. I know you enjoy it so!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Beets, I is about to cry... how come you make it seem so so sad.... :((((( I will send my virtual paws across the many miles of internets and cuddle you tightly and keep you warm and loved! :)))


The Island Cats said...

Oh Beethoven...you make us want to cry with you!

Aoise said...

Oven, why don't you teleport ofer here and keep me company and help me celbwate my 5th Gotcha day ! That will help pass the time.