Monday, November 17

I do wish the par-tay could go on...

The party is over?
But I haven't had enough yet!
I want to play play play still!
See, I is asking the Giant Kitty very nicely to plays with me, but he shakes his head and says,
I'm not a kid! I'm a kitten!
I don't think my fur mama and fur daddy are goats, are they?

But I really wants to play, so I jumps on the Giant Kitty and gaved him the biteys!
And the Giant Kitty gotted mad and gaved me many many many many many many whaps on the head.I do loves whaps on the head, so I think my big brother, the Giant Kitty is the nicest kitty in the whole wide world.
Oh, and I do wish the par-tay wasn't over.


Daisy said...

It was an awesome party, Oven. And so nice of Boy to give you many nice whaps on the head to show you his appreciation!

The Cat Realm said...

We don;t understand? The party is over? But we thought the party is TODAY.......
We missed the party?????
We are here now and we will party. YES!
Happy Birthday Giant Kitty!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin and Karl

Anonymous said...

You can always teleport over here.I have alot of toys and we can play...Hugs

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

You can throw another par-tay any time you want and all of us blogosphere cats will come over. We all love the parties!
I do the neck biteys to Shaggy all the time. I am trying to be the Big Kitty of the House. But Shaggy still says he is alpha male. -Scout