Tuesday, February 12

my kitty condo and the V-E-T

I found a new place to sleep!
This thing reaches up to the sky!
It was filled with mine Mummy's stuff but since I like it so much, she cleared away 2 levels and now I've got a double storey kitty condo!
And what is better, the Giant Kitty cannot get in!
Haha...he can only get his head in but the rest of him are stuck outside!
He doesn't find it funny though and he whaps my head when I laugh at him.

Mine Mummy took out the huge box which I came here in, and broughted me out today.
The Giant Kitty didn't get to go out.
The Giant Kitty told me the place is called the V-E-T and they do awful things to you.
But I went there last week and the V-E-T was very nice to me. She was also nice to me today.
She stroked me and said that I looked handsome in the black t-shirt which has my name sewed on.
She looked into my ears because last week I had itchy scratchy ears. She said they're much better now and the yeast infection is gone because mine Mummy has been cleaning my ears and putting medicine in diligently.

I don't know what yeast is, but when I asked the Giant Kitty, he says it's bread. He says he doesn't like to eat bread but I have to be careful because mine Mummy likes to eat bread and she will soon eat my ears up.
I don't think mine Mummy will eat my ears up will she? I like my ears.

After that, the V-E-T said she's going to give me a shot and she held me tight. I like to be held tight so I didn't struggle. Then she said it's done! What has been done? I didn't get to see her do anything!
The only thing that was not nice was when the V-E-T forced me to swallow a nasty pill. But when I swallowed it bravely, she praised me and petted me even more, so I guess it was alright.
Before I left, the V-E-T said she'll see me again in a month!
I'm looking forward to it! I like the V-E-T!


Daisy said...

Wowie! You can cook bread inside your ears!

Anonymous said...

Your lucky your vet sounds nice.I don't think your mom will eat your ears. The giant kitty is just teasing you don't worry.

Chance said...

Arr yoo cwazies?? Yoo lykes da V-E-T?? I donna lykes ta go der cuz dey pokes me an prodsded mes. Iz big bwave kitteh, but I donna lykes it at all. Yur V-E-T mus be vewy nyce if yoo aktuwally lykes it der. How bowts next tymes I go to V-E-T, yoo can go in mai pwace. I'll stay home wit da woffie. Hehehe


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

The vet isn't usually that bad but sometimes is. I find purring at them works wonders.


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Beethoven, your kitty condo is very cool! We usually don't mind the vet, except when the vet tries to stick things up our behind to take our temperature.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

That is a really nice kitty condo you have there. The V-E-T is not really bad, I just do not like going in the car. I do not like the way the car moves around. But aside from the poking me with a needle, the V-E-T is pretty nice.

Do not listen to the Giant Kitty. I think he is telling you stories. You're mummy isn't going to eat your ears.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie said...

Don't get worried, Beethoven. Your Mummy isn't gonna eat your ears. Nibble on them, maybe. Play with them, for sure. But not eat them. The Giant Kitty is just teasing you.

Love the new kittie condo -- it must be nice to have someplace you can go where the big kittie can't follow or bother you.

Boots & the Interlopers said...

The V-E-T peoples are not that bad, at times. What bugs us is the smells and the nosy woofies that don't know enuff to keep their noses away from our paws o' death! hehe